Schultz expects to play safety for Navy

Defensive back George Schultz of Coral Reef High School (Miami, Fla.) signed with Navy on Wednesday, February 5th. Look inside quotes from Schultz.

"It was the summer of my junior year when the Navy recruiter from Miami-Dade came to my high school," said Schultz. "He gave me a pamphlet that talked about the upcoming camps. At first I wasn't all that interested but I decided to make the trip anyway in June. The coaches recognized me and were happy that I drove up all the way from Miami. They showed me a lot of favoritism and told me they were thinking about offering me. Then I was called up to Coach Niumatalolo's office. He asked me how my grades were and how did my parents raise me. He said he was impressed with what I said and extended the offer. I almost started crying I was so excited.

"I went back to Miami and received a package after the no-contact period was over with a letter from every coach on the staff wishing me luck on the season and that they're all looking forward to seeing me visit again. I filled out the application and got the recommendations from my teachers. A week before Christmas break Coach Culton came by with the letter of intent.

"My mother and I did a lot of research. I always wanted to go to a place with high academics and Navy is a very prestigious school with a low acceptance rate. I appreciate all of the attention the staff gave me. They initiated it and stayed true until the end. My mother was nervous at first about the five year commitment, but it may not be necessary for me to have to go to war. I got to see a day in the life of a Midshipman and got a feeling that I will be able to handle it. Brendon Clements is the son of my high school coach and he's told me a lot of what I can expect."

Schultz, 5-foot-11, 1850 pounds, was a two-year starter for the Coral Reef Barracudas. He is going directly into the Academy and expects to begin his career at the safety position. Top Stories