Tennessee athlete talks Navy

D'vondre Williamson of Jackson Central-Merry High School (Jackson, Tenn.) will be attending NAPS this summer. The 6-foot-5, 195-pound athlete, who says Navy still isn't quite sure where they want to play him, signed with the Naval Academy in February.

"The first time I ever heard from Navy was during my junior year," said D'vondre Williamson. "It was when we were getting two or three coaches a day dropping by the school. I remember I was called out o class and given a quick rundown of the program by the recruiter and he left me one of his cards. The other guys didn't seem to interested, but I was because I've always wanted to be in the Marine Corps.

"I stayed in touch with Coach Ashley Ingram. It was at the end of December when he offered. He said 'Are you going to come be a part of the program?' and I said right away, 'yes, I am'". The tradition at Navy is outstanding. Out of the military academies, I think Navy's the best. Whoever I attended college, I planned on being in ROTC and join the Marine Corps after college anyway so having a chance to do what I want with the military and play Division 1 football is great. I'm going to be the first man in my family to go to college and I'm going to receive a great education. All of my family is proud and excited for me.

"Coach Ingram told me that he likes my raw athleticism. He believes he can take it and mold me into a football player and doesn't really have a set position in mind yet. He told me we can figure that out when I get there. In high school I played all over the field. As a junior I played free safety and wide receiver and as a senior I played defensive end and wide receiver. There are things I like about each position so I'm just going to be ready to play wherever my team needs me."

Williamson is being recognized by the Jackson Sports Hall of Fame as the Student/Athlete of the year for 2013-14. He played defensive end in the West Tennessee All-Star game and was named first team all-District in his senior season. In three week, Williamson will make his official visit to Annapolis and take in a Midshipmen spring practice.

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