Mids Claim Patriot League Presidents Cup

We spend a lot of time on this site looking at the Mids performance in what are considered the key sports for Navy fans. While much of our content is related to football and men's basketball that is not to say we do not keep an eye on the other sports which are being played at the academy.

Sports such a tennis, crew, and soccer, where the spectator interest may not be as high, but where the competitor's passion and pride runs deep and true.

It speaks to the depth of sporting talent at the Naval Academy that the Mids have claimed the Presidents Cup for the Patriot League for the second time in the last three years. Navy won titles in six sports and were regular season champions in two others. The list of sports in which Navy was successful in during the 2013-14 season is long and varied. It is worth noting though that Navy was particularly successful in track and field, where the men won both the indoor and outdoor titles to go along with the cross country crown.

The swimming and diving team was also vital to the Mids cup win as both the men and the women took home championships this year. That, plus a title in men's soccer and regular season wins in women's basketball and women's soccer, was what Navy needed to beat Boston University to the title by just 3.25 points (148 to 144.75).

When looking at the overall strength of the Patriot League there was a clear break between the top five teams and the bottom five teams this season. Navy, Boston U., Bucknell, Army, and Lehigh were covered by just twenty points at the end of the season. If a couple of breaks go in different directions throughout the year it is conceivable that any of those schools could have claimed the trophy. The gap from Lehigh (5th) to Colgate (6th) though was almost fifty points. If the league profile is to be picked up in the eyes of the nation then it is important that these bottom teams get better to give true competitive balance.

Today though is about those Mids whose efforts helped bring home the hardware. It is easy when playing a sport in college to just concentrate on your sport and your team. This is one of those unique moments where all the student athletes are brought together under one banner to celebrate a big, and well deserved, achievement. Congratulations to all and let's go out and defend that title starting in the fall.

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