Wiedle would love to play in triple option

After suffering an injury in game two, Garrett Wiedle lacked junior highlight film to catch D-1 coaches attention, so he took to the camps and has earned three offers from Delaware, Navy, and Air Force, respectively, from his performances. The 6-5, 250-pound lineman from Riverbend High School in Fredericksburg, Va., is capable on both sides of the line, but tells GoMids.com he "loves to block."

"After the Navy camp I sat down with the head coach," Wiedle said. "My parents didn't come, so I was by myself and we had a nice one-on-one conversation. He was telling me about the process to get in, that it was a difficult one with the nominations, but that my grades were very competitive and he thought I could get in even without the offer. He said it was a long process and that I should go ahead and get started.

"They were saying they loved my size, that I'm very dense and they can add weight for me to play offensive tackle if need be. They also liked my speed for how big I am. They commented on the quickness of my hands and feet and that I have a strong base. My head coach told me they like me at defensive tackle, but they know they can put me on the other side as well.

"Ever since I was a little kid I've been going to Navy games. My Mom's side of the family is very pro-Naval Academy. I remember going to a game when I was six and the quarterback was number 11 and ever since 11 has been my lucky number. I would love to play in the triple option offense. I love how aggressive it is. It's my kind of offense since I love to block. I've watched the program grow over the years. Last year I watched them beat Pitt on a last second field goal in Annapolis. The coaches are both passionate and knowledgeable and benefit every player on the team."

Wiedle is hearing from Ivy League schools as well and will be attending a Cornell camp this coming weekend. VMI, Virginia Tech, and West Virginia are also expressing interest but Wiedle is taking a strong look at the service academies.

"When I was at Navy I got to shadow a plebe," he said. "I've always hoped to serve my country and had a military mindset. I think military men and women are down-to-earth, but driven, and strong-willed. They're people who think like me and people who I want to surround myself with.

"To be able to play college football is humbling, but in the long run education is the key. Navy offers a wonderful education, a strong football program with a great fan base, plus it's only like an hour from my house."

Wiedle will play tight end and nose tackle Riverbend this year. The Bears were 5-5 in 2013 and are coached by Tony DeMarco.

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