Opposition Danger Men: Army

After a long and epic journey through the schedule we have arrived at the final game of the season. Navy will once again take on Army to finish up the year and the Mids will be hoping that they are on the brink of a double digit win season and a Commander-in-Chief’s Trophy by this point. Here are the danger men who Navy will have to watch out for no matter what is at stake.


Offense: RB – Terry Baggett

We are all aware that the Army offense is all about the play of the quarterback and the running backs on the ground. The Black Knights, like the Midshipmen, want to option you to death, but unlike Navy’s Keenan Reynolds Army does not have a quarterback to rely on. Thus the key to stopping Army is to stop their primary ball carrier out of the backfield. In 2014 that man is going to be Terry Baggett.

In 2013 Baggett rushed for 1,113 yards and eight touchdowns. His 7.9 yards per carry was just ridiculous and you have to wonder why he wasn’t given the ball more given his crazy output. His banner game, and one which will prove almost impossible to improve on this fall, was an 18 carry, 304 yard performance (with four touchdowns) against Eastern Michigan. For the record that comes out at just under 17 yards per carry for the game. You will win a lot of contests if your running back is going for A FIRST DOWN AND A HALF every time he touches the ball.

Baggett is a reliable ball carrier who will make all the hard yards but who has the speed and the feel to crank off a big play every now and again. The x-factor here is the recovery from a season ending groin injury for previous starter Raymond Maples, who ranks sixth on the Black Knights all-time rushing list. If new head coach Jeff Monken can find a way to use the two back cohesively then Army has the potential to be more dangerous on offense than they have been in a while.

Defense: CB – Josh Jenkins

On a defense, which is sorely in need of play making potential, Josh Jenkins is the Black Knights man most likely to be able to change the flow of a game. Jenkins, who played all season last fall as a true freshman, is Army’s best cover corner in at least a decade. He has the speed and the fluidity in the hips to be able to go move for move downfield with even the best receivers on the Army schedule and his lightning quick speed makes him a very effective pass rusher in edge blitz schemes.

The problem for Army is that though their secondary actually has a ton of potential they are so undersized in the front seven that it might not matter how well Jenkins plays. He is going to get his share of interceptions and make the odd play where you have no idea where he came from to break up a pass, but if it is as easy to run on the Black Knights as it has been in recent times then those big plays are going to be few and far between. If, and this is a huge if, Army can form some semblance of a pass rush, then Jenkins can finally be the playmaker this team is looking for.

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