Navy latest to offer Alabama quarterback

Navy has caught the attention of Kalen Whitlow (Northview/Dothan. Ala.) with a summertime offer. The 6-foot-1, 180-pound quarterback says he knows all about Navy, thanks, in part, to watching legend-in-the-making, Keenan Reynolds. Whitlow has one other FBS offer from Appalachian State with 13 offers at the FCS level.

"Navy is my most recent offer," Whitlow told "It came in about a month or so ago. I've been talking to a couple of coaches on Twitter. They're encouraging me to come up for a game and asking how things are going at school. The coach who offered me said they love my ability to both run and pass equally. They compared me favorably to the quarterback they have now and I know him well. I watched him play all the time so that sat pretty well with me.

"Navy's coming up. They're a bigger name than most people think. I tell people I got the Navy offer and everybody knows about the school and the football program. They run the triple option to perfection. They're going to be winning now and even more in the future. I think, if I choose Navy, that I'd do pretty well running the triple option, you know, after I'm taught it. Going into military service wasn't something that I was thinking about until I got the offer, but I was talking to my dad and he said, 'that might not be a bad look for you' and I agreed. I'm definitely considering them."

Whitlow plays in a spread offense at Northview, a school he recently transferred to from Prattville. In two games Whitlow has racked up more than 500 passing yards something he says he wasn't given much of an opportunity to do at Prattville.

"At Prattville, we had three running backs," he said. "We ran the ball pretty regularly. Here at Northview, I love it. There a much better opportunity for me to pass the ball in a wide open offense. My passing is most definitely what's most improved in my game since last season. I also know the game better. I'm faster, stronger, better arm-strength.

Whitlow has an older brother, Jalen, who played at Kentucky before transferring to Eastern Illinois. He also has a cousin, Quandeski, also in the 2015 class, who committed to South Carolina. Like his brother, Kalen is entertaining the idea of going to a FCS school as well, but is hearing from some bigger name programs such as Southern Miss, Georgia Southern, Clemson, and N.C. State.

"I'm still pretty wide open with recruiting," he explained. "I probably won't make my decision until towards the end of the season. I want to be somewhere I can enjoy the next four or five years of my life so with great academics, I want to be with coaches who I relate well with, a passionate fan base, and a great football tradition. My father and will be sitting down real soon to plan out a schedule of games to attend."

Whitlow and the Northview Cougars play a home game with Stanhope Elmore this Friday night to begin play in their region. Top Stories