Navy offers wrestling champ

Chris Favoroso had been hearing from the U.S. Naval Academy for wrestling. The 6-foot-3, 228-pound athlete is a two-state wrestling champion at Jensen Beach High School in Florida's Port St. Lucie area. On Monday, September 15th, Favoroso received a call from Navy football and was extended his 10th D-1 offer.

"Navy loved the fact that I'm a wrestler," Favoroso told "They didn't really specify what they liked about my game or a position they were offering me at, I assume outside linebacker. Coach Culton said they were just really impressed with what they saw from me on film. They really liked what they saw from me as a player and a person and were ready to offer.

"I have to say, I'm excited about the Navy offer. They were looking at me for wrestling so going to Navy was something I was already considering. If I went, it would just be for football. There's not a lot I know about the program, but I can't wait to learn and find out more about them. When I go visit, which I'm planning on doing, I'll have a better idea about it and the football program. Right now, I'm just really proud to have the offer."

Favoroso went out and earned two of his scholarship offers at summers camps at Western Kentucky and South Florida. He also has an offer from FIU and a number of FCS programs.

"I'm going to be coming up with a schedule to visit the campuses," he said. "I'm not going to make my decision until I made my visits. I want to see if the coaches really like me and want me there. I could show up and they'd just tell me they want me to come, but I'd like to get a sense that they'd really like me to be there and would be happy if I committed to them. Location doesn't matter. I'll go play anywhere, but I'm looking for a nice place, a nice campus."

At Jensen Beach, Favoroso is having a huge senior season with ten sacks and setting a school record with seven sacks in a game.

"I was called up my freshman season and played a few games," Favoroso recalled. "We didn't win much that season so I went to join on of the top wrestling teams in the state. I went on to be a two-time state champion, a three-time All-American, and a National runner-up. Last year, I was playing hurt with a sprained ankle. I really only played in seven games. This year I'm feeling healthy. It's allowed me to play with a higher motor and go harder without any resistance."

Favoroso, a First-Team All-Area selection as a junior, broke the single-game school record in Week Two against Forest Hill. The Falcons have dropped three close games to start the season and will look to get a win this week against Heritage. Top Stories