Photos: Navy falls to Western Kentucky pt II

Navy fell to Western Kentucky 36-27 on Saturday in Annapolis. Look inside for exclusive photos by Alison Althouse. (part II)

WKU #39 (Mike Mugler) kicks off to start the second half.

Navy's DeBrandon Sanders (#21) eats up 19 yards to get to the Navy42.

Navy's Toneo Gulley (#22) rushes the last 19 yards to score a Navy Touchdown. Clock 11:44.

Navy's Nick Sloan (#6) makes a successful PAT - new score is now Navy 21, Western Kentucky 13.

Navy's Austin Grebe (#43) kicked off 63 yards.

WKU's #21 (Jared Dangerfield) gets into the end zone for the touchdown. Clock 09:46. Two point conversion fails - score is now Navy 21, Western Kentucky 19.

Calvin Cass, Jr (Navy #20) returns the kickoff 25 yards to the Navy34.

Navy's punter, Pablo Beltran (#11) completes a 42 yard punt.

Navy's Daniel Gonzales (#58) wraps up WKU #2 (Taywan Taylor) at the Navy19, after a 44 yard run.

WKU #33 (Leon Allen) is stopped by Navy's Chris Johnson (#46) with help from {Parrish Gaines (#2) at the Navy11.

Field goal attempt by WKU #56 (Garrett Schwettman) is successful. Score is now Navy 21, Western Kentucky 22.

Pass to Navy's Demond Brown (#25) is complete for 24 yards as the third quarter ends. Score remains Navy 21, Western Kentucky 22.

Navy's Pablo Beltran (#11) is called in for another punt, 44 yards this time.

Pass completed to WKU #10 (Willie McNeal) for a first down before being stopped by Navy's Daniel Gonzales (#58) and Jordan Drake (#13).

Navy's Patrick Forrestal (#68) is able to stop WKU #33 (Leon Allen) after only rushing 4 yards.

WKU Quarterback #12 (Brandon Doughty) completes the run for a touchdown. Clock 06:52.

The PAT by WKU #56 (Garrett Schwettman) is good. Score is now Navy 21, Western Kentucky 29.

Navy's Keenan Reynolds (#19) follows his offensive lineman, Joey Gaston (Navy #65) down the field to gain another first down.

Keenan Reynolds (Navy #19) carries the ball into the end zone, scoring a touchdown. Clock 04:31. The score is now Navy 27, Western Kentucky 29. Follow-up pass attempt failed.

Navy pass is intercepted by WKU #6 (Wonderful Terry) and returned for a touchdown. Clock 00:45.

Hilltoppers final PAT by #56 (Garrett Schwettman) is good. Score is now Navy 27, Western Kentucky 36.

Senior Center Tanner Fleming (#75)

Senior Fullback Co-Captain Noah Copeland (#34)

Senior Fullback Quinton Singleton

All photos by Alison Althouse for Top Stories