Photos: Navy thrashes VMI (part I)

Navy defeated VMI 51-14 on Saturday. Look inside for exclusive photos and commentary by's Alison Althouse. (first half)

Bringing in the flags - Quinton Singleton (#36), Jake Zuzak (#64) and Paul Quessenberry (#45)

Navy wins the toss and elects to defer. VMI to receive and will defend the south. Captains for each team are as follows: Navy: Noah Copeland (#34) and Parrish Gaines (#2) VMI: #27 (Dillon Christopher), #41 (Logan Staib), and #39 (Derrick Ziglar)

Austin Grebe (Navy #43) starts the game with a touchback.

VMI handoff from #8 (Al Cobb) to #39 (Derrick Ziglar) nets 4 yards before being stopped by Navy's Jordan Drake (#13).

Navy's quarterback Tago Smith (#18) hands off to Noah Copeland (#34), who finds a hole for a 64 yard touchdown run. Clock 11:44.

Navy's Austin Grebe (#43) makes the PAT to bring the score to Navy 7, VMI 0 before kicking off for another VMI touchback.

VMI's first pass is complete to #18 (Doug Burton) for 3 yards before being brought down by Navy's Brendon Clements (#1).

Even with a quarterback hurry by Navy's Daniel Gonzalez (#58), VMI is able to gain 19 yards on the run after a completed pass.

VMI #21 (Jabari Turner) rushes for 7 yards before being swamped by Navy's Quincy Adams (#5), Daniel Gonzales (#58), and William Tuider (#38) at the Navy46.

Navy Tago Smith (#18) is careful to protect the ball as VMI #41 (Logan Staib) tackles him for a loss of 6 yards to the Navy13.

Tago Smith (Navy #18) is able to evade VMI #89 (Andrew Lewis) but can only gain 5 yards to reach the Navy18.

Navy's Pablo Beltran (#11) gets great protection and is able get off a 46yard punt for a fair catch at the VMI36.

Rush by VMI #2 (Deon Watts) is stopped short at only a 3 yard gain by the combination of Daniel Gonzales (Navy #58) and Patrick Forrestal (#68).

Combined efforts by Navy's Aaron Davis (#91) and Tyler Goble (#54) keep VMI #2 (Deon Watts) to a 4 yard gain.

VMI #12 (Hayden Alford) punts for 31 yards to the Navy25.

Tago Smith (Navy #18) hands off to Noah Copeland (Navy #34), who rushes for 21 yards and another Navy first down at the Navy42.

Navy's Chris Swain (#37) rushes for 12 yards to get Navy into VMI territory at the VMI46, brought down by VMI #20 (Alex James) and #99 (Joe Nelson).

Geoffrey Whiteside (Navy #29) was able to rush for 5 yards before VMI #97 (John Washington) stops him at the VMI31.

Navy's Tago Smith (#18) gets the first down at the VMI11 but is stopped by VMI #41 (Logan Staib) after 8 yards.

Navy's Chris Swain (#37) rushes for yardage to get to the VMI4.

Navy's Geoffrey Whiteside (#29) rushes for the second Navy TD of the day. Clock 00:08.

Navy's Austin Grebe (#43) shows his versatility by making his second PAT to change the score to Navy 14, VMI 0.

Following up on his PAT, Navy's Austin Grebe (#43) kicks off 62 yards to the VMI13.

As the second quarter begins, VMI completes a pass to #81 (Chad Jacob) for 14 yards and Navy's Parrish Gaines (#2) makes sure he doesn't go any further than VMI45.

Navy's Quincy Adams contributes to the incomplete pass to VMI #80 (Sam Patterson) and saves a potential touchdown.

VMI's #12 (Hayden Alford) punts 32 yards to the Navy8.

Navy's Tago Smith called his own number and gained 5 yards to the Navy 21 and a first down, before being stopped by VMI #99 (Joe Nelson).

VMI recovers the ball in the end zone for a touchdown after a series of fumbles. Clock 10:03.

VMI #27 (Dillon Christopher) kicks for a successful PAT. Score is now Navy 14, VMI 7.

VMI kick causes a touchback, taken by Navy's Demond Brown (#25).

Navy's Tago Smith (#18) rushes for 16 yards but ends up with only a first down, due to a holding penalty.

Toss to Geoffrey Whiteside looks promising but loses one yard due to containment by VMI #41 (Logan Staib).

Navy's Tago Smith (#18) hands off to Chris Swain (#37) for a 6 yard gain, but short of the necessary first down.

Navy's Pablo Beltran (#11) is called upon again to punt - this time for 46 yards to push the Keydets back to the VMI11.

VMI completed pass to #22 (Taylor Stout) nets 3 yards before he's stopped at the VMI27 by Navy's Daniel Gonzales (#58) with help from Paul Quessenberry (#45) and Chris Johnson (#46).

The VMI snap goes over the kicker's head and becomes a Navy safety when #12 (Hayden Alford) kicks it out of the back of the end zone. Clock 05:09. Score is now Navy 16, VMI 7.

Navy's Demond Brown returns the kick off 29 yards to the Navy42. Navy's Toneo Gulley (#22) and Quentin Ezell (#32) help clear the way.

Navy's Tago Smith (#18) attempts a pass but it's incomplete with the QB hurry by VMI #97 (John Washington).

Navy's Quinton Singleton rushes 14 yards for another Navy Touchdown. Clock 03:01.

With a successful PAT by Navy's Austin Grebe (#43), the score is now Navy 23, VMI 7.

Navy's Austin Grebe (#43) kicks off 50 yards to the VMI15.

VMI pass complete to #39 (Derrick Ziglar) but he only gains 8 before being swarmed by Tyler Goble (#54) and Chris Johnson (#46) with assistance from (L-R) Daniel Gonzales (#58), Aaron Davis (#91) and Obi Uzoma (#44).

Navy's Parrish Gaines (#2) gets a pick-six when he intercepts a VMI pass at the VMI39. Clock 02:05.

Navy's Austin Grebe (#43) sends the PAT straight down the middle to bring the current score to Navy 30, VMI 7.

The Navy cheer flags keep everyone focused on cheering for Navy!

Incomplete pass to VMI #6 (Dane Forlines) frustrates the Keydets. Navy's Chris Johnson (#46) is on hand, for protection.

VMI #12 (Hayden Alford) gets the punt off before Navy's Brandon Jones (#3) can block. VMI #97 (John Washington) corrals Jones so he can't get to the punter.

Completed pass to Navy's Jamir Tallman (#4) gets Navy to the VMI 16 before Keydet #9 (James Fruehan) stops him.

Pass to Navy's Noah Copeland (#34) gets him down field 16 yards and into the end zone for a touchdown. Clock 01:05

Navy's PAT by Austin Grebe (#43) is good. Updated score is now Navy 37, VMI 7.

As the first half winds down, VMI #21 (Jabari Turner) is stopped at the VMI26 by Navy's Aaron Davis (#91) and A.K. Akpunku (#47). Score at the end of the first half: Navy 37, VMI 7.

All photos by Alison Althouse for Top Stories