Photos: Navy thrashes VMI (part (II)

Navy defeated VMI 51-14 on Saturday. Look inside for exclusive photos and commentary by's Alison Althouse. (second half)

Navy's Tago Smith (#18) hands off to Chris Swain (#37) to gain 3 yards on the carry.

VMI pass from #8 (Al Cobb) is ultimately is complete to #89 (Andrew Lewis) and stopped by Navy's Kwazel Bertrand (#17) but only gains the Keydets 2 yards of progress.

VMI's #8 (Al Cobb) is sacked by Navy's Will Anthony (#90) and Paul Quessenberry (#45) for a 6 yard loss.

VMI #8 (Al Cobb) rushes for 9 yards before being tackled by Navy's Daniel Gonzales (#58) and Bernard Sarra (#77) short of the first down.

VMI field goal is blocked by Navy's Bernard Sarra (#77) and returned to the Navy44 by Chris Johnson (Navy #46). Clock 07:17.

Navy pass complete to Geoffrey Whiteside (#29) nets the Mids 32 yards, to the VMI12.

Navy's Tago Smith (#18) finishes the drive with a 2 yard touchdown. Clock 04:48

Navy's Austin Grebe (#43) follows through on a good PAT. Score is now Navy 44, VMI 7.

62 yard kickoff by Navy's Austin Grebe (#43) gets to the VMI13.

Navy adds more experience to the roster. Show here, L-R: Michael Raiford (#96), Maika Polamalu (#33), and Jordan Pittman (#52).

VMI's pass to #6 (Dane Forlines) is stopped at the VMI36 by Navy's Myer Krah (#9) with Maika Polamalu (#33) standing by to help.

VMI completes pass to #85 (Aaron Sanders) for 10 yards before Navy's Don Pearson (#50) and Maika Polamalu (#33) make the stop at the VMI46.

Navy puts in a new offensive line in the fourth quarter. Shown here (L-R): Ben Tamburello (#60), Will Worth (#15), Maurice Morris (#70), Nathaniel Otto (#67), and Dishan Romine (#28).

Navy's Quinton Singleton (#36) rushed for 2 yards to get Navy to the VMI43.

After an interception, a VMI pass to #80 (Sam Patterson) gets the Keydets to the Navy39 before Myer Krah (Navy #9) brings him down.

After the completed pass to #21 (Jabari Turner), a swarm of Navy players stopped the rush. L-R: Don Pearson (#50), David Gordeuk (#92), Maika Polamalu (#33), and Myer Krah (#9).

VMI #21 (Jabari Turner) rushes for 2 yards, but is kept from reaching the first down marker by Navy's Kikau Pescaia (#53) and Maika Polamalu (#33). Navy's George Jamison stands ready to help, but Navy takes over on downs at the Navy 30. 69

Navy's Colin Osborne (#8) runs around the end of the line to get 10 yards forward progress before being stopped by VMI #93 (Denton Ensminger).

Navy's Will Worth (#15) tosses to Dishan Romine (#28), who rushes 47 yards to the VMI17. Navy's Quentin Ezell (#32) provides a block on the opposite side to give Dishan room to run.

Navy's Will Worth (#15) completes the drive by crossing into the end zone for a touchdown. Clock 05:52.

Austin Grebe (Navy #43) completes another PAT to update the score: Navy 51, VMI 7.

Gavin Jernigan (Navy #16) sends his kickoff 56 yards.

Completed pass to VMI #85 (Aaron Sanders) nets VMI 17 yards and a first down before being stopped by Navy's Daiquan Thomasson. Navy players shown are (L-R) Shakir Robinson (#39), Elijah Merchant (#14), Kyle Battle (#6), and Mike Kelly (#22).

VMI scored and the PAT by #27 (Dillon Christopher) changes the score to Navy 51, VMI 14.

Navy's Cheerleaders and brigade stand at attention while VMI's corps of cadets play their alma mater... they played first.

Seniors happily honored to sing the Blue and Gold - Pictured: Bernard Sarra (#77).

Senior A.J. Barnaby

Senior Anthony Lewis (#49)

Senior Austin Grebe (#43)

Senior Quinton Singleton (#36)

Senior Chris Johnson (#46)

All photos by Alison Althouse for Top Stories