Quessenberry's brother battling Cancer

Two years ago brothers David and Paul Quessenberry were battling on the football field to help power their teams to victory. David's future looked promising as he eventually won a spot on the roster of the NFL's Houston Texans. However, over the summer the older Quessenberry received news from doctors that he had a serious illness.

David Quessenberry, whose brother Paul currently plays for Navy and father previously for the Mids, sought medical advice after a cough and feeling very sluggish. Test results revealed David had a non-Hodgkins T Lymphoblastic Lymphoma. The disease is a type of blood cancer that includes any kind of lymphoma except Hodgkin's lymphomas.

Even before his diagnosis David's story is one of hard work and perseverance. Out of high school he was left without a scholarship offer but received an invite to walk-on at San Jose State. As a freshman paying is own way to school, David weighed a not so hefty 235 pounds. By the time he graduated he was over 300 pounds of muscle and ability. Quessenberry ultimately became a first-team all-WAC selection and was the first San Jose State offensive lineman to play in a Senior Bowl. Because of his hard work and dedication, he went from not being wanted out of high school to being a sixth round NFL draft pick of the Texans out of college.

While he fights for his life, David is currently on the Texan's Reserve/non-football illness list.

No, David Quessenberry won't be on the field on Saturday in Annapolis when the Spartans meet the Midshipmen. However, while Navy will be doing everything in its power to earn a win, there's one thing that all players on the field would likely agree to. They would all wish David Quessenberry the best and hope for his speedy recovery.

GoMids.com salutes David Quessenberry!

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