Photos: Navy beats San Jose State part 1

Navy beat San Jose State 41-31 on Saturday in Annapolis to improve to 4-4 on the season. Look inside for exclusive photos by Alison Althouse. (first half)

Coach Ken Niumatalolo before the game begins.

Game officials from the Mountain West Conference: Referee Eddy Shelton, Umpire Rico Orsot, Head Linesman Marvel July, Line Judge Cat Conti, Field Judge Richard Corona, Side Judge Fulton Carson, and Back Judge Robert Lewis.

Navy team captains Noah Copeland (#34) and Parrish Gaines (#2) coming into the stadium followed by Associate Athletic Director for Sports Performance, Mike Brass.

Bringing in the flags are (L-R) Quinton Singleton (#36), Jake Zuzek (#64) and Paul Quessenberry (#45).

Captains meeting: Navy (Noah Copeland #34, and Parrish Gaines #2) and San Jose State (#51 David Peterson, #3 Travis Raciti, #2 Tim Crawley, and #96 Cedric Lousi). SJS wins toss and defers; Navy to receive and defend the North.

Navy's Demond Brown (#25) returns the kickoff 16 yards to the Navy22.

Navy's Kwazel Bertrand (#17) intercepts a pass by San Jose #6 (Joe Gray) and returns 11 yards to the Navy14.

Navy's pass to Jamir Tillman is complete for 11 yards to the Navy22.

Navy's Keenan Reynolds (#19) rushes for 1 yard before being stopped by Spartans #96 (Cedric Lousi) and #36 (Vince Buhagiar).

Chris Swain (Navy #37) pushes through for 3 yards before being stopped by San Jose's #96 (Cedric Lousi).

San Jose #96 (Cedric Lousi) gets into the backfield quickly to take Navy's Keenan Reynolds (#19) down for a loss of 2 yards.

Navy's Pablo Beltran (#11) gets a 43 yard punt off to push the Spartans back to their own 17yard line.

A quarterback hurry by Navy's Paul Quessenberry (#45) causes another incomplete pass for San Jose State's offense.

Spartan #7 (Tyler Ervin) is stopped at the 4 yard line by Navy's Will Anthony (#90) and Parrish Gaines (#2).

Navy's Obi Uzoma stops Spartan #7 (Tyler Ervin) at the Navy5 to save the score.

Spartans draw first blood with a 22 yard field goal by #12 (Austin Lopez). New score is Navy 0, San Jose State 3. Clock 02:15.

Navy's Demond Brown returns the kickoff 14 yards to the Navy25.

Keenan Reynolds (Navy #19) is able to get great protection to complete the pass to DeBrandon Sanders (Navy #21) for 27 yards and a Navy first down at the SJ48.

San Jose State has a hard time containing Navy's Chris Swain (#37) as he pounds his way downfield for a 17yard gain to the SJ10.

Navy's Keenan Reynolds (#19) rushes for 4yards to the SJ6 in the final play of the first quarter. The score after one is Navy 0, San Jose State 3.

Navy's Noah Copeland (#34) rushes 6 yards for the first touchdown on the day. Clock 14:57.

Navy's Austin Grebe (#43) completes the PAT to change the score: Navy 7, San Jose State 3.

Navy Cheerleaders run the flags while the Mids complete their requisite pushups to celebrate the score.

Spartans pass to #1 (Jabari Carr) is complete for 12 yards and gets the offense to the SJ37 before Parrish Gaines (#2) and Daniel Gonzales (#58) can bring him down.

Navy's Kwazel Bertrand (#17) stops San Jose State #6 (Joe Gray) at the Navy22.

Despite having Navy's Paul Quessenberry (#45) in his face, Spartans #6 (Joe Gray) is able to complete the pass to #18 (Billy Freeman) for 10 yards.

Navy's Will Anthony (#90) caught Spartans #15 (Tyler Winston) at the Navy6.

Completed Spartan pass to #18 (Billy Freeman) awards San Jose State with their first touchdown of the game. Clock 10:35.

Spartans #12 (Austin Lopez) puts the ball through the uprights for a successful PAT. Score is updated to Navy 7, San Jose State 10.

Navy's Keenan Reynolds (#19) rushes for 4 yards before he's stopped by SJS #36 (Vince Buhagiar).

Toss to Navy's Dishan Romine (#28) nets 8 yards for a Navy first down before SJS #12 (Forrest Hightower) gets the stop.

Navy's Keenan Reynolds (#19) finds daylight and rushes for 47 yards to the SJ12. Stop is eventually made by Spartan #12 (Forrest Hightower).

Navy's Keenan Reynolds (#19) completes the drive with an 8yard rush for his 50th touchdown. Clock 07:51.

Navy's Austin Grebe (#43) kicks the ball straight through the center of the uprights for another successful PAT. New Score: Navy 14, San Jose State 10.

After an unsuccessful series, SJS punts to Navy's DeBrandon Sanders (#21) who returns the ball 19 yards to the Navy39.

Navy's Noah Copeland (#34) rushes for 36 yards to get Navy to the SJ4.

Navy's Keenan Reynolds (#19) is stopped by Spartans #36 (Vince Buhagiar) and #29 (William Ossai) after a 1 yard gain to the SJ3.

Keenan Reynolds (Navy #19) keeps and rushes for his 51st career TD. Clock 04:56.

Navy's Austin Grebe (#43) completes the drive with another successful PAT. Score is now Navy 21, San Jose State 10.

Spartan #7 (Tyler Ervin) rushed 8 yards before Navy's Daniel Gonzales (#58) halted his progress.

SJS pass complete to #18 (Billy Freeman) but Navy's Myer Krah (#9) was able to keep his progress to 16 yards at the SJ49.

Navy's Quincy Adams (#5) holds Spartans #5 (Jabari Carr) to a 4 yard gain at the Navy33.

Navy's Quincy Adams seemed to have Spartans #2 (Tim Crawley) wrapped up, but #2 rolled over on Adams and was able to continue to down field and complete the score without stepping out or touching a knee down. Play was reviewed and confirmed. Clock 02:43.

Spartan #12 (Austin Lopez) completes the PAT to make the new score: Navy 21, San Jose State 17.

Navy's Dishan Romine (#28) rushes for 14 yards to the Navy39.

Navy's Calvin Cass Jr. (#20) rushes for 6 yards to get Navy to the SJ43.

As time runs out on the first half, Navy's Austin Grebe (#43) makes a field goal to update the score: Navy 24, San Jose State 17.

All photos by Alison Althouse for

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