Photos: Navy falls to Notre Dame (first half)

A furious rally was unsuccessful as Navy fell to Notre Dame 49-39 on Saturday night in Landover, Md.'s Alison Althouse was there and captured these images. (first half)

Our Atlantic Coast Conference Crew: Referee Ron Cherry, Umpire Tom Laverty, Head Linesman Troy Gray, Line Judge Colin Formulak, Field Judge Mark Furtado, Side Judge RIchard Wilborn, Back Judge Brian McGready, and Center Judge Duane Heydt.

Ryan Williams-Jenkins (Navy #24) was highly productive in his first game back after injury, netting 24 rushing yards and 42 receiving yards.

Button, worn by all the mids for today's game.

Three different seniors carried in the American flags: The first flag was carried by Joe Worth, #56, from Valrico, FL

The second American Flag was carried by senior Shakir Robinson, #39, from Brunswick, GA.

The final American Flag was carried by senior Anthony Lewis, #49, from Ogden, UT.

Notre Dame won the coin toss and elected to receive. Navy to defend the east End Zone. ND Captains were #33 (Cam McDaniel), #72 (Nick Martin), #91 (Sheldon Day), and #28 (Austin Collinsworth). Navy's Captains are Parrish Gaines (#2) and Noah Copeland (#34).

The Brigade of Midshipmen were ready for a great night and provided lots of support throughout the game.

Navy's kicker, Austin Grebe (#43) needs a little help from Lorentez Barbour (Navy #15), due to the windy conditions, to start the game.

ND pass is complete to #20 (C.J. Prosise) who runs 78 yards for the first touchdown of the game. Clock 14:08.

ND #27 (Kyle Brindza) completes the Irish scoring drive with a successful PAT. Score Notre Dame 7, Navy 0.

Navy's Keenan Reynolds (#19) rushes through the line for a Navy first down.

Noah Copeland (Navy #34) pushes through the ND line for 6 yards to reach the ND 40.

Navy's Geoffrey Whiteside (#29) rushes for 5 yards and another first down before being wrapped up by ND #9 (Jaylon Smith) at the ND26.

Navy's pass to Thomas Wilson (Navy #89) is complete for the Mids' first TD on the day. Clock 08:00.

Austin Grebe (Navy #43) kicks the good PAT to tie the score: Navy 7, Notre Dame 7.

ND pass is complete to #88 (Corey Robinson) at the Navy41, where Navy's Brendon Clements (#1) gets the stop.

ND pass to #18 (Ben Koyack) completes for the second Irish TD. Clock 04:53

Successful PAT by ND #27 (Kyle Brindza) brings the score to Notre Dame 14, Navy 7.

ND Head Coach Brian Kelly confers with the officials.

Third down pass by Navy's Keenan Reynolds (#19) is incomplete as he is brought down by ND #48 (Greer Martini).

Navy's Pablo Beltran (#11) makes a 51 yard punt to push the Irish back to the ND24.

Pass complete to ND #18 (Ben Koyack) gets the Irish to the Navy23 before Navy's George Jamison (#42) is able to contain the runner.

ND #33 (Cam McDaniel) is held to a 3 yard gain by Navy's Obi Uzoma (#44) as the first quarter draws to a close.

ND #5 (Everett Golson) rushes for 5 yards and the third Irish TD on the day. Clock 14:06.

ND #27 (Kyle Brindza) completes the PAT to make the score Notre Dame 21, Navy 7.

Navy's Toneo Gulley (#22) is stopped suddenly at the Navy23 after a 16 yard kickoff return.

Navy's Geoffrey Whiteside (#29) gains 10 yard before being stopped by ND #9 (Jaylon Smith) at the Navy34.

Navy's DeBrandon Sanders (#21) gains a yard on the pitch from Keenan Reynolds (Navy #19).

A 47 yard punt by Navy's Pablo Beltran (#11) is downed at the ND16.

Navy's William Tuider (#38) stops ND #25 (Tarean Folston) at the ND31.

Navy's Daniel Gonzales (#58), with help from Jordan Drake (Navy #13), tackles ND #25 (Tarean Folston) after an 8 yard pass completion to the Navy47.

Navy's Parrish Gaines (#2) and Brendon Clements (#1) combine to stop ND #2 (Chris Brown) at the Navy4.

ND pass to #7 (Will Fuller) results in a ND Touchdown. Clock 07:15.

ND #27 (Kyle Brindza) changes the score with a successful PAT. Notre Dame 28, Navy 7.

Navy's Geoffrey Whiteside (#29) takes the handoff and rushes 24 yards to the Navy46.

Navy's Keenan Reynolds (#19) keeps on 4th down and reaches the Navy24 to continue the Navy drive.

Navy's Demond Brown (#25) dives into the end zone to cap off an 18 yard run for Navy's second TD. Clock 02:30.

With another successful PAT by Navy's Austin Grebe (#43), the score is now Notre Dame 28, Navy 14.

Navy's Shawn White (#31) holds on to keep ND #3 (Amir Carlisle) from getting further than the Navy29 on the kickoff return.

ND pass is complete to #88 (Corey Robinson) but Navy's Brendon Clements (#1) is on hand to stop him at the ND44.

Navy's George Jamison (#42) intercepts a ND pass at the ND14 and returns the ball to the Navy 28.

Navy's Keenan Reynolds (#19) gets great pass protection and is able to connect with Ryan Williams Jenkins (#24) for 42 yards, to the ND30.

Pass is too high for Navy's Jamir Tillman and falls incomplete as the clock ticks down on the second quarter.

Navy's Austin Grebe (#43) closes out the first half with a successful field goal attempt from 44. Clock 00:00. Score is Notre Dame 28, Navy 17.

All photos by Alison Althouse for

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