Photos: Navy falls to Notre Dame (2nd half)

A furious rally was unsuccessful as Navy fell to Notre Dame 49-39 on Saturday night in Landover, Md.'s Alison Althouse was there and captured these images. (second half)

Navy's Demond Brown (#25), with Toneo Gulley (#22), handles the touchback after ND kicks off to start the second half.

Navy's Dishan Romine (#28) eats up 13 yards to get to the Navy39.

Navy's Keenan Reynolds (#19) is able to get 10 yards before being stopped by ND #17 (James Onwualu).

Navy's Geoffrey Whiteside (#29) evades tackles for 13 yards to get into the end zone for another Navy TD. Clock 07:29.

Navy's Austin Grebe completes the drive with a successful PAT to make the score Notre Dame 28, Navy 24.

Navy's kickoff results in a ND touchback to start their drive on the ND25.

Navy's Head Coach Ken Niumatalolo waits to hear the results of the instant replay.

Navy's Obi Uzoma (#44) and Bernard Sarra (#77) chase down ND #5 (Everett Golson) and sacked him for a 15 yard loss to the ND21.

ND #27 (Kyle Brindza) elects to punt at 4th and 25. This was the first punt by ND in the Navy/ND rivalry since the fourth quarter of the 2012 game in Dublin, Ireland.

Navy's Keenan Reynolds (#19) rushes for 11 yards to the Navy42.

Navy's Noah Copeland (#34) breaks through the ND line and rushes for 54 yards, to the ND4.

After Chris Swain (Navy #37) rushes the final 4 yards for Navy's go-ahead TD (Clock 04:09), Austin Grebe (Navy #43) completes the successful PAT to make the score NAVY 31, Notre Dame 28.

ND pass is complete to #18 (Ben Koyack) but stopped by Navy's Chris Johnson (#46) at the ND41.

Navy's Quincy Adams (#5) is able to keep ND #25 (Tarean Folston) to only 4 yards gained.

ND #3 (Amir Carlisle) tries to allude Navy's Brendon Clements (#1) before Jordan Drake (Navy #13) stops his progress.

As the fourth quarter begins, ND #5 (Everett Golson) rushes 3 yards for the Touchdown. Clock 14:55.

ND #27 (Kyle Brindza) completes the drive with a PAT to change the score to Notre Dame 35, Navy 31.

Navy's Ryan Wiliams-Jenkins (#24) slips out of tackles to gain 6 yards to the ND31.

Navy's Noah Copeland (#34) gained 5 yards and a first down, rushing to get to the Navy36.

Navy's Noah Copeland (#34) attempts a pass to Keenan Reynolds (#19) but it falls incomplete.

Navy's Pablo Beltran (#11) punts 47 yards to the ND14.

ND scores a TD in two long plays which culminates in a PAT by ND #27 (Kyle Brindza). Score is now Notre Dame 42, Navy 31 (clock 12:22).

Navy's Noah Copeland (#34) is held to no gain on a big 4th down and ND takes over on downs at the Navy32.

Navy's Obi Uzoma (#44) stops ND #25 (Tarean Folston) at the Navy30 after only a 2 yard gain.

Navy's Bernard Sarra (#77) jumps up and mis-directs the pass from ND on a 3rd and 7 play.

ND #27 (Kyle Brindza) attempts a field goal, but misses wide left. Navy takes over on downs at the Navy29. Clock 08:57.

Navy's Keenan Reynolds (#19) rushes for 8 yards, to the Navy37.

Navy's Noah Copeland (#34) gains 3 yards for the first down at the Navy40.

After a ND interception, the Irish eventually attempt a field goal which is blocked by Navy's Bernard Sarra (#77). Navy takes over on downs at the Navy 27, clock 05:43.

Navy Keenan Reynolds (#19) attempts a pass while being chased by ND defensemen.

Navy's Noah Copeland (#34) finds daylight in the line and rushes 33 yards to the ND33.

Navy's Chris Swain (#37) finishes the drive with a completed 12 yard pass from Keenan Reynolds (Navy #19) and then celebrates with his teammates.

Navy's Keenan Reynolds (#19) successfully passed to Geoffrey Whiteside (#29) for the two-point conversion. Score is now Notre Dame 42, Navy 39. Clock 04:18.

Navy's Pablo Beltran (#11) and Austin Grebe (#43) combine to attempt an on-side kick which was ultimately recovered by ND #20 (C.J. Prosise) on the Navy48.

Navy's Jordan Drake (#13) stops ND #25 (Tarean Folston) at the Navy33.

ND #25 (Tarean Folston) rushes 30 yards before Navy's Jordan Drake (#13) is able to get him out of bounds at the Navy3.

ND #5 (Everett Golson) rushes 8 yards into the end zone for a ND touchdown. Clock 01:27.

ND #27 (Kyle Brindza) kicks the final PAT. Score is now Notre Dame 49, Navy 39.

Navy's Keenan Reynolds (#19) works hard to find open receivers as the game comes to a close. Final Score: Notre Dame 49, Navy 39.

Navy #78, senior Kyle Cregge from Alpharetta, GA.

Navy #29, senior Geoffrey Whiteside from Columbus, OH.

Navy #11, senior Pablo Beltran from Humble, TX.

Navy #64, Senior Jake Zuzek from Brookhaven, PA.

All photos by Alison Althouse for Top Stories