Photos: Navy beats Georgia Southern pt 1

Navy pounded Georgia Southern 52-19 on Saturday at Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium.'s Alison Althouse was there and captured these images. (1st half)

Navy Co-Captain, Noah Copeland (#34) and his parents on Senior Day - Navy's final home game of the 2014 season.

Navy Co-Captain, Parrish Gaines (#2) escorted by his sponsors, Chuck and Mary Chambers, along with their son, Nick.

Bringing in the American Flags were L-R Quinton Singleton (#36), Jake Zuzek (#64), and Paul Quessenberry (#45).

Navy wins the toss and defers; GSU receives to the South end. Navy Co-Captains are Parrish Gaines (#2) and Noah Copeland (#34). GSU captains are #58 (Garrett Frye), #7 (Matt Dobson), #40 (Edwin Jackson), and #9 (Zach Walker).

GSU #36 (Matt Breida) rushes for one yard before being stopped at the GSU26 by Navy's Bernard Sarra (#77) and Will Anthony (#90).

GSU's #28 (Devin Scott) gains 6 yards to the Navy34 but is stopped by Navy's Jordan Drake (#13).

GSU #36 (Matt Breida) only gets 1 yard before being stopped at the Navy33 by Navy's Will Anthony (#90) and Jordan Drake (#13).

Navy's Aaron Davis (#91) stops GSU #36 (Matt Breida) at the Navy18.

GSU draws first blood when #1 (L.A. Ramsby) gets through the line and into the end zone to score.

GSU #47 (Alex Hanks) kicks the good PAT to make the score GSU 7, Navy 0. Clock 08:07.

Navy's Demond Brown (#25) returned the kickoff 34 yards to the Navy38.

Navy's Keenan Reynolds (#19) rushes for a quick 2 yards before being stopped at the Navy40 by GSU #54 (Lennie Richardson).

Navy's Ryan Williams-Jenkins (#24) rushes to the GSU19 but is tripped up by GSU #40 (Edwin Jackson).

Navy's Geoffrey Whiteside (#29) eats up 9 yards to get to the GSU7.

Navy's Keenan Reynolds (#19) rushes a yard for his first touchdown of the day. Clock 02:52.

Navy's Austin Grebe (#43) completed the drive with a good PAT. Score is now tied: Navy 7, GSU 7.

GSU #85 (Montay Crockett) has his kickoff return stopped at the GSU21 by Navy's Toneo Gulley (#22).

Eagles #36 (Matt Breida) rushes for 2 yards before being caught by Navy's WIlliam Tuider (#38) at the GSU23.

Navy's Quincy Adams (#5) disrupts the pass to GSU #80 (Kentrellis Showers) at 3rd down and 8.

Georgia Southern's Ryan Nowicki (#49) punts 32 yards, setting Navy with great field position on their own 45.

GSU brought their Bald Eagle along to the game, braving the weather change from Statesboro, Georgia.

Navy's Pablo Beltran (#11) punted 36 yards to the GSU 18, where it was downed by GSU. Navy's Personal Protectors Sean Reaver (#99), Nathaniel Otto (#67), and Evan Martin (#71) work hard to keep the punter safe.

In the final play of the first quarter, Paul Quessenberry (Navy #45) tackled GSU #13 (Favian Upshaw) for a 5 yard loss. Score at the end of the 1st quarter: Navy 7, GSU 7.

Navy's Noah Copeland rushes for 5 yards to the Navy49 before being stopped at the Navy49 by GSU #40 (Edwin Jackson).

Navy's Chris Swain (#37) helps clear out the way for Keenan Reynolds (Navy #19) to rush for another 7 yards and reach the GSU28.

Navy's 14 yard pass is complete to Jamir Tillman (#4) for a touchdown. Clock 11:17.

Navy's Austin Grebe (#43) completes the drive with a successful PAT to make the score Navy 14, Georgia Southern 7.

Navy's Daniel Gonzales (#58) stopped GSU #36 (Matt Breida) at the GSU34 after a 4 yard gain.

Navy's William Tuider (#38) is able to tackle GSU #4 (Kevin Ellison) for a 5 yard loss.

Navy's Geoffrey Whiteside (#29) rushes for 19 yards to the GSU35.

Navy's Austin Grebe (#43) finishes the short drive with a successful field goal attempt from 36. Clock 03:14 and the score is now Navy 17, Georgia Southern 7.

The Eagles are unable to convert a 4th and 4 situation on the Navy45 and #49 (Ryan Nowicki) is brought in to punt. Navy waves for the fair catch at the Navy12.

Keenan Reynolds (Navy #19) keeps and rushes for 5 yards to the Navy17 in the final play of the second quarter. Score at halftime: Navy 17, Georgia Southern 7.

All photos by Alison Althouse for Top Stories