Photos: Army-Navy 2014, part III

Navy defeated Army 17-10 on Saturday in Baltimore to win the 115th Army-Navy game. Alison Althouse was there and captured these images, part 3 (second half).

Army's Cale Brewer (#81) kicks off to start the third quarter.

Navy's Ryan Williams-Jenkins (#24) returns Army's kickoff from the Army9 and reaches the 50 yard line with his 41 yard run before being stopped by the Black Knights Seth Combs (#13).

Navy's Noah Copeland (#34) gets the first down with his 5 yard run. Army's Joe Drummond (#54) is credited with the stop.

Dishan Romine (Navy #28) rushes for 6 yards before being brought down by Army's Stephen Ricciardi (#32) at the Army31.

Navy's Keenan Reynolds (#19) fights for 7 yards to get the first down at the Army24. Stop made by Jeremy Timpf (Army #39).

Navy's Noah Copeland (#34) gets to the Army 17 with an 8 yard run before Army's Joe Drummond (#54) brings him down.

Navy's Austin Grebe (#43) finishes the drive with a successful field goal attempt from the 45. Score is now Navy 10, Army 7. Clock 09:43.

Army's Josh Jenkins (#3) runs the kickoff back 17 yards to the Army19 before being caught by Navy's Quinton Singleton (#36).

Army's Larry Dixon (#26) pushes through the Navy line for 4 yards before being stopped by Navy's Brendon Clements (#5) and Daniel Gonzales (#42) at the Army23.

Army's Terry Baggett (#31) rushes for 3 yards to get the Black Knights to the Navy30, where he's stopped by Navy's George Jamison (#42) and Obi Uzoma (#44), putting Army in a 4-2 situation.

Army's field goal attempt by Daniel Grochowski (#95) misses wide left and spots the ball at the Navy31. Clock 04:56.

The F-18 pilots from the pre-game flyby... We thank you for your service!

Navy's Keenan Reynolds (#19) rushes 4 yards to reach the Army40 before being stopped by Army's Josh Jenkins (#3) and Jeremy Timpf (#39).

Navy's pass is complete to Brendan Dudeck (#81) for 5 yards to the Army33.

Navy's Noah Copeland (#34) rushes for 4 yards to the Army29 and a first down. Army's Jeremy Timpf (#39) is credited with this stop in the last minutes of the third quarter.

Navy's head coach, Ken Niamatalolo, rushes to the referee to call the time out.

The officials call the play down at the Army01.

Navy's Keenan Reynolds (#19) breaks the plane to get into the end zone and score another Navy touchdown. Clock 12:07.

Navy's PAT kick attempt by Austin Grebe (#43) is good. The updated score is now Navy 17, Army 7.

Army's Josh Jenkins (#3) returned the Navy kickoff 15 yards to the Army27 before being stopped by Navy's Myer Krah (#9) and Shelley White (#7).

After an injury sidelined QB Angel Santiago (Army #3), A.J. Schurr (#11) took over the helm and rushed for 6 yards, to the Army33, before being stopped by Navy's George Jamison (#42) and Chris Johnson (#46).

Army gets a first down when Larry Dixon (#26) is able to rush for 10 yards to reach the 50 yard line.

West Point's Corps of Cadets continue to support their brothers on the field as they fight for every yard.

Both teams take their defense very seriously. Here, Navy Defensive Ends Paul Quessenberry (#45) and Will Anthony (#90) take care of business.

Army's A.J. Schutt (#11) rushes for 1 yard before a fumble forced by Navy's Paul Quessenberry (#45) is then recovered by Navy's Will Anthony (#90) at the Navy40.

Navy's Will Anthony (#90) recovering the fumble, mentioned in the prior photo.

Navy's dynamic duo... if you see kicker Austin Grebe (#43) on the field, punter/place-kicking holder Pablo Beltran (#11) isn't far behind.

Navy's Keenan Reynolds (#19) evades much of the Army defense for 16 yards before he's brought down by Army's Joe Drummond (#54) at the Navy48.

Navy's Geoffrey Whiteside (#29) keeps rushing the ball, 19 yards down field, until Army's Chris Carnegie (#14) and Stephen Ricciardi (#32) brought him down at the Army33.

Navy's Chris Swain pushes through 6 yards to the Army22, when he's stopped by Army's Joe Drummond (#54) and Andrew King (#11).

The other Navy spirit button.

Navy fumbles and Army's Joe Drummond (#54) recovers the ball on the Army21. Clock 03:47.

Army's 17 yard pass is complete to Joe Walker (#5) for a first down at the Army38. Navy's Parrish Gaines (#2) is on hand for the stop.

Army's A.J. Schurr is sacked for a loss of 1 yard by Navy's Will Anthony (#90) at the Army47.

Army's pass is complete to Larry Dixon (#26) for 20 yards to the Navy33 and a first down.

Army's Daniel Grochowski (#95) completes the drive with a successful field goal from 52. Clock 01:51. Score update is Navy 17, Army 10.

The Corps continues to cheer on their team.

Army tries an on-side kick, however, it is successfully recovered by Navy's Thomas Wilson (#89) on the Army49.

The USNA Commandant of Midshipmen, Captain Bill Byrne, leads the "I believe that we will win" cheer with Bill the Goat's help.

West Point Black Knights sing first, as they lose the 115th Meeting between the Academies on 12/13/14.

The Midshipmen football players join the Brigade to sing the Alma Mater, singing second.

Celebrating the Navy win with a bit of posing. L-R Tanner Fleming (#75), Aaron Davis (#91), and A.J. Barnaby (#98).

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