Five New Year Wishes for Navy Football

We have reached that time of year again where people are hitting gyms, pledging to eat healthier, and generally making those New Year’s resolutions. With this blank slate, this new hope, it seems logical that we should put together a list of resolutions and goals for the Navy football team to achieve in 2015. With that said here are five New Year’s resolutions for Midshipmen football in 2015.

1 – Take the AAC by storm

No matter if you are pro conference or anti conference 2015 will be a new beginning for Navy football. The Mids will be playing in the American Conference next fall, and what better way to embrace conference affiliation than by winning the whole thing in their first year. A glance at the schedule shows no one who the Mids should be inherently afraid of, quite the opposite in fact as most of these schools have no recent history of dealing with a triple option attack. The scariest game is perhaps Memphis on the road, but Navy could easily be competing for a spot in the AAC Title game in their first year in the conference.

2 – Win back the Commander-in-Chief’s Trophy

The biggest disappointment from 2014 was the loss to Air Force and the subsequent loss of the Commander-in-Chief’s Trophy which the Mids had held for the two previous years. If history is anything to go by it is hard to win the trophy back after losing it, the last time this happened was when Air Force deposed Army after just a season in 1997. The Mids though will be hurting from the loss in Colorado, and they get the Falcons at home in 2015. It does set up for the Mids to face Army in Philadelphia with one hand on the trophy.

3 – A monster senior season for Keenan Reynolds

Keenan Reynolds will enter 2015 with history in his sights. He needs to rush for 14 more touchdowns to set the all-time mark for an FBS player. That is not a quarterback record he will be breaking, it will be the record held by Montee Ball of Wisconsin who rushed for 77 scores in his career. Reynolds, at 64 right now, will only need to score half the amount that he did in 2013 (31) to break that record. If Reynolds can stay healthy and avoid cheap shots then he can be anything he wants in 2015. It will be interesting to see if the conference affiliation does anything to enhance the profile of Reynolds who is somehow still under the radar despite being one of the dominant players in the country over the past two seasons.

4 – Lead the nation in rushing

Navy finished second in the nation in rushing this fall with 338.1 yards per game. Obviously this is a fantastic achievement, but it is always better to be number one. Interestingly the team which led the nation in 2014 was a newcomer Georgia Southern, who bettered Navy by over 40 yards at 381.1 yards per game. Historically the Mids have been fighting the other academies for this number one honor, but with the likes of GSU, Georgia Tech, Wisconsin, and New Mexico all finishing with more than 300 rushing per game in 2014 the field suddenly got much more crowded.

5 – Beat Army

This has to be the number one wish of any Navy fan every year. The win this year was the Mids 13th straight over the old enemy. To put this into perspective it is the longest streak in the history of a rivalry which dates back to 1890. Also worth noting is the fact that the Black Knights have won exactly one game against the Mids this century. A win over Army can cure a lot of problems which the Mids might run into in a season. With any luck though, a win over Army in 2015 will be the final piece of an outstanding, perhaps even groundbreaking, season for Navy.

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