Why an 8 team playoff helps Navy

With the festive season, and more importantly the Bowl Season, winding down it is time to take stock of what we have seen. Navy finished their season with a hard fought Poinsettia Bowl win, Houston staged a comeback for the ages at the expense of Pitt, the Big XII has been left licking its wounds..

..and the National Title game will feature the teams who would probably have been ranked third and fourth by the computers under the old BCS system.

Welcome to the new world of college football.

The focus of this article is going to be the college football playoff and its potential impact down the road for Navy. With ESPN seeing a huge ratings boost, massive increases in social media chatter, and just a general feeling of excitement that has not been seen in the BCS for years, it is safe to say the two national semifinals were an unmitigated success for all involved.

The key phrase here is “all involved”, because there is still a nagging discontent leveled at the system as is by many fans and media types. Certainly this system of taking four teams to decide the National Champion is better than the previous system which just picked the “best” two. Anyone who watched TCU systematically destroy an admittedly understrength Ole Miss team 42-3 though, will still have some lingering questions about exactly how they were left out of the highest level post season party.

All this is a pretty long winded way of saying that with the interest this four team playoff has garnered, it will not be long before the field is pushed to eight teams. This concept should make Navy fans extremely happy. Any time an eight team playoff is mentioned the design seems to focus around the five winners of the Power Five conferences, two at large selections, and the top ranked non-power five school. To put that into context this would have been the lineup this year:

(1) Alabama vs. (8) Boise State
(2) Oregon vs. (7) Mississippi State
(3) Florida State vs. (6) TCU
(4) Ohio State vs. (5) Baylor

The name to note here is Boise State out of the Mountain West. The Broncos finished the regular season with an 11-2 record (losses to Ole Miss and Air Force) and a ranking of 21st in the country. They then went out and beat Arizona in the Fiesta Bowl for good measure. Under this potential system Boise State or Marshall or Northern Illinois or potentially Navy, would have a shot at getting into position to take on the number one team in the country in the first round of a playoff format. Though Boise has the name recognition, and the benefit of a pretty strong conference, it is worth noting that Marshall (of the awful C-USA) was right there with the Broncos in the rankings until a loss late in the season to Western Kentucky.

Moving into a conference means a lot of things for Navy athletics, but WHEN the powers that be shift the playoff format to an eight team playoff it will mean a realistic shot of making it into a playoff for the college football national title.

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