Navy Signs Kicker of the Future

If we are being honest a recruit de-committing from Tulane and picking the Mids would not often be particularly newsworthy. Certainly the recruit would be unlikely to be one of the top prospects at his position in the entire country. In this recruiting cycle however that exact scenario played out as Navy picked up the commitment of kicker Bennett Moehring of Bentonville, Arkansas.

Up until this point Bentonville may well be best known to Navy fans as the home location of Walmart, but Moehring has the potential to change all that during his years in Annapolis. Moehring is so highly thought of by some in the recruiting game that he is even thought of as the number one overall kicker prospect in the class of 2015 by some who specialize in the art of driving a football between the goalposts.

Watching his high school kicking film it is easy to see why scouts are so high on Moehring as a prospect. He consistently connects with the sweet spot of the ball and there is little to no draw or fade on his kicks. This means that he is striking the ball dead in the center, increasing his range and no transferring any of the kicking energy into spots which will result in the ball deviating off its intended line. As a result around 85 percent of the kicks he hits go right through the middle of the goalposts. His kick offs are just as impressive with nearly every ball finding its way into the end zone in the clip from his most recent kicking camp.

Now most schools may not value the signing of a kicker who can bring stability to the position for years to come, but Navy learned the hard way in 2014 that not having someone to convert field goals can destroy a team’s season. Nick Sloan had a 37.5 percent conversion rate on field goals before he was given the hook, with big misses against the likes of Rutgers and Air Force really standing out. Austin Grebe took over two-thirds of the way through the season and was perfect from that point forward, but he will graduate after next season. Thus the timing is perfect for Moehring to come in and learn the ropes at the Academy before transitioning into the kicking position in 2016. Top Stories