Best Promotion Ever

So, anyone who is not currently watching the Cricket World Cup can be forgiven for their position. Despite the fact that cricket is the second most popular sport in the world, using number of fans as your guide, it is a game which has yet to catch on in America.

Most of this popularity can be surmised by the fact it is THE sport in the India, Pakistan, Bangladesh area, as this is where a huge percentage of the sports estimated 2.5 BILLION fans reside.

Anyway, if you are missing the tournament currently underway in New Zealand, you are missing the single greatest promotional giveaway in the history of time. Basically it goes something like this. Fans are encouraged to buy a $15 t-shirt with a big orange target on it. If one of those fans is able to make a one handed catch of a cricket ball when it is hit into the crowd, and it is the first such fan catch of the game, then that fan will win part of a prize pool which could rise to be as much as one million dollars. The total amount of the pool is set by how far the host nation, New Zealand, go in this tournament, meaning that the support of the team is suddenly locked in at a whole new level.

Navy has to find a way to make this promotion happen in Annapolis.

This would obviously be an easy transfer to basketball or softball, where the shirt wearer who catches the first foul ball and/or home run would immediately be in line for a prize. In basketball though it would be easy to have a repurposed t-shirt gun come onto the court during a timeout and fire some sort of soft ball into the crowd. This would be an easy way to keep people involved without having to resort to the vastly overplayed half-court shot.

In football it could be used with fans catching an extra point or field goal which soars into the stands. Honestly the possibilities are endless and a good marketing department, like the one in Annapolis could create something fantastic out of this concept.

With every school looking for something a little different to attract people to games this would be an ideal platform for some sort of University wide promotion. One which would see attendance increase across the board. Top Stories