Navy Releases Winter Conditioning Video

I don’t know how much the video editors in the Navy Athletic department are getting paid, but something tells me it isn't enough.

The Mids today released a winter conditioning video as a prelude to spring practice which begins today. It is another soul stirring effort which gets right to the heart of why we love this game so much.

Here are five reasons the video just flat our works:

1. The opening quote

The opening of the video is a single musical note (which sounds a little like the T2: Judgement Day soundtrack) accompanying the following line of text:

“You don’t do your job, we got zero chance to win”

This is a line from Ken Niumatalolo and it sums up the philosophy of himself and his Navy program perfectly. The team is all about scheme and making sure you do what you are supposed to so the team will function as a unit. With that in mind it is the perfect opening quote for this particular video.

2. Focus on unity

This pretty much goes with the first reason, but throughout the video the focus is on large groups of players rather than any individual. You see the players pushing each other through drills, running everything at 100% effort, and generally getting better both individually and as a group. That team ethic can only go to serve Navy well in the long run.

3. The focus on the coach’s voices

Sometimes in videos like this you have heavy rap music over the top. Sure, it sets the mood, but it doesn't tell you anything about what is actually going on. In this video we have instrumental music bringing the intensity out, while you get to hear the voice over the top encouraging the players, motivating them, and making them better. It is a subtle change to most videos of this type, but it is a good one.

4. The sheer amount of drills

Conditioning has never been the easiest thing in the world to prepare for mentally. With that in mind it is important that the coaches are able to put together a variety of different sessions with different drills in an attempt to keep the players focused and working at maximum effort. The video does a great job of showing how Navy coaches are able to keep the tedium at bay with their drill choices.

5. How it builds to a crescendo

This is where the mastery of video editing really shines through. The video is going along at a nice pace when the music and cutting suddenly amps up and the blood starts to get going in earnest. Really the way this works is better seen than described, so go watch the video already and get pumped for Navy football being back in session.

The Brotherhood- 4th Quarters from Navy Football Video on Vimeo. Top Stories