Navy scheduled ranked 119th by NCAA

The NCAA has a fairly archaic method of ranking the strength of schedule of their FBS teams prior to the year actually beginning. The way the NCAA does this is by strictly taking the win/loss record from a team’s opponents the year before and converting this into a percentage. By this method the Mids schedule for 2015 is not good. In fact it is downright terrible.

Navy’s strength of schedule, by using this method, is 119th out of the 128 teams playing FBS football. Last fall their opponents for the upcoming season went a combined 65-84, which is good for a winning percentage of just 43.62%. To put that into some sort of perspective the stat puts the Mids SOS behind the likes of Charlotte (116), Toledo (117), and Appalachian State (118).

The American Athletic Conference is represented by far too many teams in the 100’s, perhaps indicative of how bad the bottom half of the conference was last year. Along with Navy at 119, we also find Temple (104), Cincinnati (108), Houston (110), East Carolina (114), and UCF (121), in the triple digits in terms of schedule strength.

Connecticut with their schedule strength of 22 is by far the team with the strongest strength of schedule the Mids will play this fall according to these ratings. After that you have to go all the way down to the 60s to find Notre Dame (61), Air Force (65), and Army (69). With all these teams playing Navy and their 8-5 record boosting the SOS by three games, there must be some very low level games being played by the Mids opponents in 2015.

Navy will of course be carrying a four game winning streak into their opening game with Colgate on the first Saturday in September. With the Mids taking a lighter approach to spring football than they have in the past it will be interesting to see if the players have an extra little bit of bounce in their step and if they can come out hot and hungry for an opening game which will be more like a scrimmage than an actual contest. Top Stories