Navy's Reynolds Ranked 16th Best 2015

With three years of high level production behind him it should be no surprise to Navy fans that Keenan Reynolds is getting recognized for his football skills. Reynolds will undoubtedly find himself named to multiple award watch lists, both before the season and during it, but his first recognition has come from an article which ranks the top 25 college seniors heading into the 2015 season.

Keenan Reynolds Profile

It is ironic that because of player’s option to enter the NFL Draft when they are three years removed from high school, the senior class is often watered down. Even with that being said the ability of Reynolds to land so high on this list speaks to his talent and his dedication to be better at his craft than anyone else in the country.

The article speaks of Reynolds in glowing terms. It initially notes how Navy often has issues recruiting the highest caliber of athletes because of the commitments which come with attending a military academy. With Reynolds however the writer, Brian Pedersen, sees it differently.

“Keenan Reynolds is the kind of athlete who would likely star at numerous other FBS schools and not just ones that run the option like Georgia Southern or Georgia Tech. It's hard to argue it's just the system that has enabled Reynolds to set numerous records for rushing by a quarterback and be in line to become the all-time leader in rushing and total TDs scored”

Quotes like this, plus the displays we have seen from Reynolds over the years, do sometimes make you wonder just how he would perform in a different style of offense. His passing has improved year over year with the Mids and it is easy to imagine that with a coach who was focused on improving his passing only, as opposed to his running game which makes Reynolds so deadly for Navy, he would excel.

Reynolds is the seventh ranked quarterback on this list behind only #13 Kevin Hogan (Stanford), #12 Brandon Doughty (WKU), #7 Dak Prescott (Mississippi State), #6 Cody Kessler (USC), #4 Connor Cook (Michigan State) and #1 Trevone Boykin (TCU). When the 2015 season is done and dusted and assuming all these players stay healthy and play a full season, it will be interesting to see which of the quarterbacks in front of him Reynolds out performs. Top Stories