Navy to Play Notre Dame in Florida in 2016?

The Notre Dame versus Navy travelling roadshow looks almost certain to stop in Florida in the fall of 2016 after heavy rumors surfaced placing the game in Jacksonville. Though no official announcement on the game has been made at this point, there is a press conference scheduled by the Jacksonville Sports Council for next Wednesday and sources have leaked that it is to announce this game.

Jacksonville has been a city which has actively recruited and chased down neutral site college football games. The cynic could point to this as proof that Everbank Field is simply not making enough money from the Jaguars, while a positive thinker would look at the landscape of sports rich Florida and point out that any game there will be a boost to the two teams involved.

If the schedule remains as it has been printed for a while, then the Navy/Notre Dame clash in Jacksonville will take place on November 5. This is just one week after Jacksonville hosts its annual neutral site game, the “World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party” when Florida meets Georgia. This would allow the stadium to leave up the extra seating brought in for that game, increasing the capacity as there is strong Navy support in the Jacksonville area.

Jacksonville and their sports council have been actively pursuing a Navy game for the past decade. The city has been continually upgrading Everbank Field, recently with new scoreboards and more premium seating, to attract some of the better events in the country. From the 2005 Super Bowl onward Jacksonville has placed itself as a major player, with the aforementioned Florida/Georgia contest, multiple bowl games and now possibly Notre Dame/Navy to add to that mix. The city is also rumored to be hosting a Florida State-Auburn matchup in the near future.

This kind of publicity is of course great for the Mids. This groove that The Irish and the Midshipmen have established where Notre Dame host in South Bend in odd numbered years, while the Mids allow the show to be taken on the road in the even numbered ones gives the game a showcase feel. With trips to Baltimore, Dublin and Orlando in the not too distant past, it will be interesting to see where this roadshow goes in 2018. Top Stories