Navy Picked Third in the AAC West

There are a lot of items of business which Navy will have to get used to now that they are a football playing member of the AAC. One of those items of business is attending conference media days and all the fun that goes along with that staged event.

The biggest news to come out of these days is usually the preseason poll voting by the media members and this year was no different. If season plays out as the media think, then Navy will be right in the mix for the AAC West Division this season.

In the AAC West the media sees three teams as being head and shoulders above the rest. Of the thirty first place votes Memphis (13) took the most, but they were closely followed by Houston (10) and Navy (7). When total points were calculated then the scores were even closer with Memphis (153) still leading the way, but with very little separating them from Houston (149) and the Mids (148). Neither Tulane, SMU nor Tulsa had a single first place vote, while Tulane were the fourth ranked team on total points with a score of 74 which is half that of third placed Navy.

Contrast this log jam at the top to that of the ACC East, where Cincinnati received 29 of the 30 first place votes, with UCF getting the single remaining division winning nod.

Cincinnati also dominated the division in total points with 179 to 135 for UCF and 116 for Temple.

When it comes to winning the entire conference the media also favors Cincinnati above all others. The Bearcats picked up 22 of 30 first place votes, with Memphis (5), Houston (2) and UCF (1) also gaining favor. The two obvious takeaways from this is that a) whoever it is that likes UCF REALLY likes UCF and b) the strength at the top of the West Division took first place conference winning votes away from some of the teams in favor of Cincinnati.

This is actually a great position for the Mids to be in during their first season of conference play. Navy is thought of in high enough regard that they cannot come in and relax under the radar, but they are not thought of in such high regard that there will be an instant target on their back. The x-factor here is how teams not used to seeing the option can cope with it in their first year playing Navy. If the Mids are able to get some momentum at the start of conference play it will be very interesting to see how the fall plays out. Top Stories