Photo Story: Navy sinks Pirates, 45-21 (2nd)

Navy defeated East Carolina 45-21 on Saturday in Annapolis.'s Alison Althouse was there and captured these images (second half).

ECU's #91 (Caleb Pratt) kicks off to start the second half of the game.

Navy's Chris Swain (#37) takes the first three handoffs and gains 20 total yards (3 yards, 14 yards, then 3 yards) to get the Mids to the Navy45.

Navy's Toneo Gulley (#22) rushes for 10 yards, but a holding penalty negates his run and Navy remains at the 45.

Navy's Keenan Reynolds (#19) rushes for 5 yards to make it to the 50 yardline before being stopped by ECU #6 (Bobby Fulp).

At 3rd and 8, Navy's Keenan Reynolds (#19) attempts a pass to Dishan Romine (#28) but the ball is batted down by ECU #57 (Joe Allely).

Despite Herculean efforts, Navy's Shawn White (#31) is able to get 7 yards, but isn't able to get the ball across the yard marker for the first down. ECU takes over on downs at the ECU26.

ECU's #3 (Anthony Scott) rushes for 7 yards before Navy's Micah Thomas (#44) and Tyler Goble (#54) stop him at the ECU33.

ECU's #81 (Jimmy Williams) catches the pass for 2 yards, when he's stopped by Navy's Josiah Powell (#48) at the ECU35.

ECU pass is complete to #22 (Chris Hairston) but he is stopped by Navy's Tyler Goble (#54) for no gain at the ECU48.

The American Athletic Championship trophy made it into the stadium and onto the field halfway through the third quarter.

Navy's Keenan Reynolds (#19) rushes for 6 yards to the 50 yardline after ECU turns over on downs. ECU #57 (Joe Allely) is credited with the stop.

At 3rd and 17, Navy's Keenan Reynolds (#19) pass is incomplete to Chris Swain (#37).

Navy's Amos Mason (#52) sacks ECU quarterback #10 (Blake Kemp) and causes a fumble at the ECU20.

After ECU's fumble, Navy's Will Anthony (#90) recovers the ball at the ECU17.

Navy's Chris Swain (#37) keeps the ball, at the bottom of the pile, to make his way to the ECU4 as the third quarter ends. Current score remains Navy 28, ECU 14.

Navy's Keenan Reynolds (#19) rushes for his fourth touchdown on the day. Clock 14:10.

Austin Grebe (Navy #43) kicks another successful PAT and the score changes: Navy 35, ECU 14.

Navy's goats are clearly excited about the game - Go Navy!

ECU #10 (Blake Kemp) gets ready to take his team down the field.

ECU's pass to #23 (Quay Johnson) is broken up by Navy's D.J. Palmore (#45) and almost caught by Micah Thomas (#44).

ECU pass is complete to #7 (Isaiah Jones) for 5 yards when he's stopped short of a first down by Navy's Tyler Goble (#54) at the Navy42.

Pirates' #22 (Chris Hairston) rushes for 4 yards to the Navy8 where he's stopped by Navy's Michael Raiford (#96), with help from teammate Brandon Jones (#3).

ECU pass is complete to #80 (Bryce Williams) for a Pirates touchdown. Clock 10:20.

After the ECU successful PAT, the score is updated to Navy 35, ECU 21.

Navy's Keenan Reynolds (#19) finds daylight and rushes for 26 yards to get to the Navy48.

Navy's Chris Swain (#37) goes back to work and grinds out 6 yards to get Navy into ECU territory.

Navy's Keenan Reynolds (#19) holds the ball and gets 4 yards before he's stopped by ECU #6 (Bobby Fulp) at the ECU17.

Fear the Goat!

Navy's Keenan Reynolds (#19) completes the drive with a 17 yard run for his fifth touchdown on the day, setting an AAC conference record in this inaugural game.

Navy's Austin Grebe (#43) completes his fifth PAT and the score is now Navy 42, ECU 21. Clock 03:45.

ECU pass is incomplete to #85 (Davon Grayson).

ECU pass is complete to #22 (Chris Hairston) but he's quickly stopped by Navy's Micah Thomas (#44) and Kevin McCoy (#40) at the ECU22.

ECU #23 (Quay Johnson) completes the catch but is quickly stopped after 5 yards at the ECU27 by Navy's Micah Thomas (#44) and Tyler Goble (#54).

Navy's Tyler Goble (#54) intercepts the ECU pass and makes a 32 yard return to the ECU10.

Navy's Austin Grebe (#43) hits the field goal from 25, clock 00:35. Updated score is Navy 45, ECU 21.

"I Believe that We Will WIN!"

Senior Blaze Ryder, #64, from Kaneohe, Hawaii

Senior Demond Brown, #25 from Glen Burnie, Maryland.

Senior Will Anthony, #99 from Jacksonville, Florida.

Beat Army!

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