Photo Story: Navy thrashes Air Force, pt 1

Navy thrashed rival Air Force 33-11 on Saturday to move into the driver's seat in the Commander-in-Chief's Trophy race.'s Alison Althouse was there and captured these images. (1st half)

Our officials from the Mountain West Conference (L-R): Back Judge Joel Wetzel, Line Judge Frank LeBlanc, Center Judge Stacy Hardin, Referee Cooper Castleberry, Umpire Jim Adams, Field Judge Randy Smith, Side Judge Fulton Carson, and Head Linesman Bill Scott. 

The Spirit Button for the game: THE GOOD (Beat Army), THE BAD (Bean Tavy), THE FORGOTTEN (C'mon we wanna play too) 

Navy had two "Navy Mascot in Training" goats along for the day who were very rambunctious and excited about the game! 

Sgt. Chesty, the Marine Corps Bulldog, was in attendance as well! 

Navy's Captains, Keenan Reynolds (#19) and Bernie Sarra (#77) are escorted to the field by the Side Judge. 

Bringing in the American Flags this week were (L-R) Blaze Ryder (#64), Quincy Adams (#5), and Nick Sloan (#6). 

Navy wins the coin toss and defers. AFA will receive and defend the south End Zone. AFA captains L-R: #87 (Alex Hansen), #58 (A.J. Ruechel), and #6 (Connor Healy). 

Navy's Austin Grebe (#43) kicks off to start the game. Go Navy! 

Air Force quarterback #16 (Karson Roberts) keeps and gains 2 yards in the first play of the game, before he's stopped by Navy's Daniel Gonzales (#58) at the AFA27. 

AFA #7 (Garrett Brown) rushes around the side but is met, after only gaining 4 yards, by Navy's Daniel Gonzales (#58) and Kwazel Bertrand (#17). 

Air Force's first series ends in a punt by #92 (Brett Dunn). Note how close Navy's Brandon Jones (#3) gets to the ball... 

In Navy's first play of the drive, Keenan Reynolds (#19) rushes for 54 yards to take the Mids from the Navy33 to the AF13 before he's caught by Air Force #4 (Kalon Baker). 

Navy's Chris Swain rushed for 4 yards before he was stopped by AF #25 (Roland Ladipo) at the AF9. 

Navy's Chris Swain (#37) finishes the drive with a 2 yard rushing touchdown. Clock 11:05. 

Navy's Austin Grebe (#43) completes the drive with a successful PAT. Score is now Navy 7, Air Force 0. 

Air Force #12 (Tyler Williams) fields the ball at the AF7 and returns the kickoff 27 yards to bring the Falcons to the AF34. 

Air Force #28 (Jacobi Owens) is only able to gain 2 yards before he's stopped cold by Navy's Quincy Adams (#5) and Daniel Gonzales (#58) at the AF39. 

Air Force #43 (Shayne Davern) rushes for 8 yards but Navy's Micah Thomas takes him down at the Navy47. 

Navy's Kwazel Bertrand (#17) contains Air Force #3 (D.J. Johnson) to an 11 yard run and an AF 1st down at the Navy24. 

Air Force #28 (Jacobi Owens) gains 15 yards but is pushed out of bounds at the Navy9 by Navy's Lorentez Barbour (#2) with help from Quincy Adams (#5). 

Air Force #16 (Karson Roberts) rushes for 5 yards but is held from crossing into the end zone by Navy's Quincy Adams (#5). Adams stopped him at the Navy1. 

Air Force #43 (Shayne Davern) attempts the TD but the defense is strong and he is stopped by Navy's Will Anthony (#90) and Kwazel Bertrand (#17). Navy takes over on downs with 5:39 left in the first quarter. 

Navy's Alex Barta (#80) gets off a 36 yard punt and Air Force starts their next drive at the Navy39. 

Air Force #16 (Karson Roberts) fumbles shortly after this fake and the ball is eventually recovered by Navy's Kwazel Bertrand (#17) at the Navy36. 

Air Force Falconry team was on hand and had "Echo" available for a close-up. 

Navy's pass to Jamir Tillman (#4) was incomplete, due in part to a QB hurry by Air Force #41 (Patrick Healy). 

Navy's pass to DeBrandon Sanders (#21) is complete for 26 yards to the AF37 and a Navy 1st down. Air Force #4 (Kalon Baker) and #8 (Weston Steelhammer) are credited with the stop. 

Navy's Keenan Reynolds (#19) keeps and rushes for 4 yards but Air Force #14 (Hayes Linn)stops him at the AF30. 

Air Force Falcon "Echo" isn't bothered by the cannon as the first quarter comes to an end. Score Navy 7, Air Force 0. 

Navy's Thomas Wilson (#89) comes down with the 27 yard completed pass for Navy's second Touchdown of the game. Clock 14:47. 

Navy's Austin Grebe (#43) completes the second PAT to adjust the score; Navy 14, Air Force 0. 

Navy's Austin Grebe (#43) kicks off 62 yards and then makes the tackle on the return by Air Force #12 (Tyler Williams) at the AF33. 

Air FOrce #24 (Benton Washington) rushes for 7 yards but is stopped by Navy's Daniel Gonzales (#58 on left) and Quincy Adams (#5 on right) at the Navy24. 

Air Force #43 (Shayne Davern) rushes for 5 yards but Navy's Kwazel Bertrand wraps him up for the stop at the Navy17. 

Air Force #3 (D.J. Johnson) gains one yard before he fumbles; Navy's Kwazel Bertrand (#17) is credited with the recovery at the Navy16. 

Navy's Alex Barta (#80) makes a 45 yard punt after a series that backed the Mids up to the Navy11. Air Force returned the punt for 15 yards and the Falcons started their drive at the Navy41. 

Navy's Brendon Clements (#1) intercepts an Air Force pass at the Navy18. 

Navy's Keenan Reynolds (#19) is called for intentional grounding after a loss of 13 yards to the Navy1. 

Navy's Alex Barta (#80) gets off the 28 yard punt and Air Force starts their drive at 05:08, on the Navy35. 

Air Force #7 (Garrett Brown) fumbles the ball and Navy's defense is immediately on top of the ball. Navy's D.J. Palmore (#45) is ultimately credited with the recovery. 

Navy's Keenan Reynolds (#19) evades the Air Force defense, with some help from his teammates, and rushes for 67 yards to the AF1. 

Navy's Demond Brown (#25) rushes around the end for the 1 yard needed to get into the end zone for another Navy touchdown. Clock 02:58. 

There's something special about celebrating a touchdown with your teammates... seen here L-R: Tyler Carmona (#88), Demond Brown (#25) and Chris Swain (#37). 

As Navy's Austin Grebe (#43) completes another successful PAT, the score changes again: Navy 21, Air Force 0. 

Through the haze and smoke from Navy's cannon fire, you can see Air Force #12 (Tyler Williams) return is stopped after 24 yards by Navy's Lorentez Barbour (#2) and assisted by David Gordeuk (#92) at the AF34. 

Due to quick action by Navy's Quincy Adams (#5) and Micah Thomas (#44), and support from D.J. Palmore (#45), Air Force #16 (Karson Roberts) rushes for no gain and is contained at the AF34. 

Air Force pitches out to #28 (Jacobi Owens) but Navy's Brendon Clements (#1) catches him behind the line of scrimmage for a 1 yard loss to the AF33. 

Air Force pass to #85 (Ryan Reffitt) gained 5 yards before Navy's Will Anthony (#90) had him covered and down at the AF38. 

Air Force #92 (Brett Dunn) gets off a 44 yard punt that is downed at the Navy18. Clock 00:46. 

After a short run by Navy's Chris Swain (#37) for 3 yards to the Navy21, the mids opt to let time run out and head into the locker room to plan for the second half. Score at the Half: Navy 21, Air Force 0. Top Stories