Photo Story: Navy beats Tulane, Pt II

The Navy Midshipmen defeated Tulane 31-14 on Saturday in Annapolis.'s Alison Althouse was there and captured these images.

Tulane #36 (Trevor Simms) kicks off to start the second half. Navy's DeBrandon Sanders (#21) rushes for 2 yards to the Navy26. 

Navy's DeBrandon Sanders (#21) rushes for 2 yards to the Navy26. 

Navy's Keenan Reynolds (#19) is sacked for a loss of 7 yards by Tulane #96 (Corey Redwine) at the Navy33, bringing up a 4th and 18. 

Navy's Alex Barta (#80) punts 43 yards to push the Green Wave back to the Tulane24. 

Tulane #25 (Josh Rounds) evades the front D-line and rushes for 9 yards before being brought down by Navy's Daiquan Thomasson (#26) and Daniel Gonzales (#58) at the Tulane44. 

Tulane's completed pass to #3 (Sherman Badie) only gains 2 yards before he is swarmed by Navy's Quincy Adams (#5) and Josiah Powell (#48) at the Tulane46. 

Tulane pass to #15 (Ricky Preston) nets the Green Wave 11 yards, and a 1st down, before Navy's Quincy Adams (#5) brings him down at the Navy43. 

Navy's defense is quick to react when Tulane #26 (Dontrell Hilliard) rushes to gain 5 yards. Navy's Daiquan Thomasson (#26) is credited with the tackle at the Navy38. 

Navy's Coach Ken Niumatalolo on the sidelines... 

It's FOURTH Down! Navy's Quincy Adams (#5) reminds the crowd to GET LOUD, especially on 4th and 1!!! 

Navy's Defense responds to 4th and 1 by stopping Tulane #26 (Dontrell Hilliard) for no gain. Navy's Micah Thomas (#44) is credited with the stop and Navy takes over on downs. 

Navy's Chris "The Swain Train" Swain (#37) churns out 4 yards to get to the Navy38 and start the drive. 

Navy's pass is complete to Thomas Wilson (#89) for 9 yards and a 1st down at the Navy46. Tulane #6 (Jarrod Franklin) is credited with the stop. 

Navy's Calvin Cass Jr. (#20) rushes around the end to pick up 6 yards and get to the Tulane45. 

After a 36 yard pass to get Navy within striking distance, Navy's Keenan Reynolds (#19) hands off to Quentin Ezell (#32), who rushes the final 9 yards to score the touchdown. Clock 05:32. 

After a successful PAT attempt by Navy's Austin Grebe (#43), the score is now Navy 17, Tulane 7. 

The Mids' kickoff is returned 24 yards by Tulane #15 (Rickey Preston). Navy's Myer Krah (#9) is credited with the stop at the Tulane27. 

Tulane #26 (Dontrell Hilliard) rushes for 4 yards but is stopped by Navy's Lorentez Barbour (#2) who refuses to let him get any further than the Tulane31. 

Tulane's pass is complete to #8 (Devon Breaux) for 8 yards but Navy's Quincy Adams (#5) is on hand to stop his progress at the Navy44. 

Tulane quarterback #12 (Tanner Lee) eyes his next target late in the third quarter. 

Green Wave pass is complete to #8 (Devon Breaux) for 19 yards but Navy's Quincy Adams (#5) continues his relentless pursuit and stops Tulane at the Navy21. 

In the final play of the third quarter, Tulane's pass is complete to #84 (Charles Jones II) but Navy's Daniel Gonzales (#58) keeps him from gaining more than 6 yards. End of the third quarter score: Navy 17, Tulane 7. 

After two rushing attempts from the Navy11 and Navy4, Tulane #12 (Tanner Lee) keeps to attempt the TD but fumbles the ball. Fumble is forced by Navy's Daniel Gonzales (#58) and recovered by Will Anthony (#90) at the Navy1. 

Navy's Will Anthony (#90) celebrates his fumble recovery. 

Navy's Chris Swain (#37) powers his way down field for an 11 yard gain before he's stopped by Tulane #6 (Jarrod Franklin) at the Navy12. 

Navy's Keenan Reynolds (#19) picks up 5 yards before Tulane #87 (Ade Aruna) wraps him up at the Navy17. 

Navy's Quarterback, Keenan Reynolds (#19), takes the game in stride and doesn't stop until the final whistle blows. 

Navy's Keenan Reynolds (#19) grinds out another 3 yards to get to the Navy20. Tulane #23 (Richard Allen) is ultimately credited with the tackle (Tulane #20, Nico Marley, is shown here). 

Navy's Keenan Reynolds (#19) gains 2 yards before Tulane #19 (Taris Shenall) stops him at the Tulane43. 

Navy's Alex Barta (#80) punts 28 yards to the Tulane15, where it goes out-of-bounds. 

Tulane pass is complete to #84 (Charles Jones II) but only gains 4 yards before he's stopped by Navy's Micah Thomas (#44) and Brendon Clements (#1) at the Tulane19. 

Tulane pass is intercepted by Navy's Lorentez Barbour (#2) at the Tulane36, and the Navy offense goes back to work. 

Navy's DeBrandon Sanders (#21) rushes for 12 yards, and a 1st down, to the Tulane13. 

Navy's Chris Swain (#37) continues to grind out yards toward the goal line. Swain gains 2 yards before Tulane #77 (Tanzell Smart) finally brings him down at the Navy1. 

Navy's Keenan Reynolds (#19) crosses the goal line for another rushing TD. Clock 03:38. 

Completing the drive is the successful PAT by Navy's Austin Grebe (#43). Score is now Navy 24, Tulane 7. 

Navy's Kevin McCoy (#40) sacks Tulane #12 (Tanner Lee) for a loss of 7 yards. Lee fumbles and the ball is recovered immediately by Navy's D.J. Palmore (#45) at the Tulane23. 

Now in at quarterback for Navy: Tago Smith (#18). 

Navy's pass to Calvin Cass, Jr. (#20) is complete for 24 yards for another Navy touchdown. Clock 02:46. 

Navy's Tago Smith (#18) celebrates the success of the play. 

Navy's Austin Grebe (#43) completes another successful PAT. A Tulane penalty is declined and the score is now Navy 31, Tulane 7. 

Tulane return by #15 (Rickey Preston) is stopped at the Tulane19 by Navy's David Gordeuk (#92). 

Tulane pass by new quarterback #16 (Jordy Joseph) is tipped by Navy's Jarvis Polu (#67) and falls incomplete. 

Tulane pass is complete to #85 (Larry Dace III) for 18 yards but he's caught by Navy's Kyle Battle (#13) at the Navy19. 

After Tulane completes a TD pass (to #84, Charles Jones II) and a successful PAT (by #42, Andrew DiRocco), Green Wave kicker #31 (Peter Picerelli) attempts an on-side kick. Current score is Navy 31, Tulane 14. 

The on-side kick is recovered by Navy's Tyler Carmona (#88) and, with 25 seconds left in the game, Navy takes the snap for a 1 yard loss to end the game. Final Score Navy 31, Tulane 14. 

Senior OT, Joey Gaston #65, from Knoxville, Tennessee. 

Senior OLB, Kikau Pescaia #53, from Honolulu, Hawai'i 

Senior OLB, Nick Martinez #35, from Elm Mott, Texas 

Senior DE, Will Anthony #90, from Jacksonville, Florida 

Senior OLB, Myer Krah #9, from Durham, North Carolina BEAT ARMY! Top Stories