Photo Story: Navy 55, SMU 14 1st half

Navy defeated SMU 55-14 on Saturday in Annapolis. It was a special day for Navy as the team improved to 8-1 and remained undefeated in the American Athletic Conference. The game also saw quarterback Keenan Reynolds break the NCAA career record for rushing touchdowns scored. Look inside for exclusive photos by Alison Althouse of

Navy's Keenan Reynolds (#19) concentrates on his pre-game warm ups as he goes through drills.

Navy leaves the field after warmups to get ready for Senior Day vs the SMU Mustangs.

Our American Athletic Conference Crew (L-R): Head Linesman Dan Harrington, Side Judge Ryan Robinson, Back Judge Keith Parham, Umpire Greg Brenner, Referee Todd LaPenta, Center Judge Terry Killens, Jr., Line Judge Lance Thompson, and Field Judge Glenn Crowther.

The Brigade staff lead the Midshipmen onto the field for the Pre-Game March-On.

Navy's Spirit Button: GO NAVY! STOMP THE 'STANGS!

The National Anthem

The first flyover was performed by six T-34 Mentors just after the National Anthem.

American flags were carried by each and every senior on the Navy football team. It was an amazing sight to see so many flags flying across the field.

Three United States Marine Corps EA-6B Prowlers from VMAQ-4, the "SEAHAWKS" from Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point, N.C. did the fly-by when the Midshipmen took the field.

The captains meet for the coin toss. Navy's Co-Captains Keenan Reynolds (#19) and Bernie Sarra (#77) stand with SMU Game Captains #14 (Garrett Krstich), #99 (Justin Lawler), #90 (Zach Wood), #16 (Courtland Sutton), and #27 (Chad Hedlund). Navy wins the toss and defers. SMU chooses to receive and defend the south end zone.

A moment of silence was held in memory of those who lost their lives in Paris on Friday, November 13, 2015.

Navy's kickoff is returned 30 yards by #21 (Deion Sanders) but is stopped at the SMU34 by Navy's Myer Krah (#9).

Mustangs are unable to move the ball which forces them to rely on kicker #14 (Josh Williams), who punts 46 yards to the Navy20.

Navy's DeBrandon Sanders (#21) fields the punt at the Navy20 and returns 10 yards to start Navy's drive at the Navy30. SMU #26 (Troy Castle) is credited with the stop.

Navy's Demond Brown (#25) weaves his way to an 11 yard gain and a 1st down, where he's stopped by SMU #29 (Darrion Richardson) at the Navy 42

Navy's Quentin Ezell (#32) barrels down field for 6 yards to the SMU39.

Navy's Keenan Reynolds (#19) hands off to Chris Swain (#37), who rushes for 9 yards and another Navy 1st down when he's stopped by #32 (R.C. Cox) at the SMU16.

Navy's Chris Swain (#37) eats up 3 yards to get to the SMU4 and another 1st down.

Navy's Keenan Reynolds (#19) breaks through the line and scores his "go-ahead" #78 touchdown... the pressure is finally off. Clock 06:08.

Celebrating Keenan's accomplishment without interrupting the game. Congrats to Keenan Reynolds (Navy #19) for passing Monte Ball (Wisconsin) as the new NCAA rushing touchdown all-time leader!

After a 22yard kickoff return by the Mustangs, Navy's Bernie Sarra (#77) makes sure that SMU #10 (Xavier Jones) doesn't gain more than 3 yards.

Navy's Amos Mason (#52) is instrumental in making the SMU pass incomplete, leaving the Mustangs with a 4th and 2 situation.

SMU #14 (Josh Williams) has a 38 yard punt that goes out-of-bounds at the Navy30.

Navy's Chris "Swain Train" Swain (#37) goes to work and churns up 3 yards before SMU #44 (Jackson Mitchell) stops him at the Navy33.

Navy's Quentin Ezell (#32) rushes for 7 yards to get to the 50 yardline. SMU #44 (Jackson Mitchell) and #99 (Justin Lawler) are credited with the stop.

Navy's Keenan Reynolds (#19) slips tackles and evades defenders in his 43 yard touchdown run. This is Reynolds' Rushing Touchdown #79 and second on the day. Clock 01:44.

Navy's PAT by Austin Grebe (#43) is good, making the score Navy 14, SMU 0.


SMU #10 (Xavier Jones) is only able to gain 2 yards before he's wrapped up by Navy's Bernie Sarra (#77) and Kevin McCoy (#40) at the SMU31.

SMU #14 (Josh Williams) punts 24 yards to the Navy45, out-of-bounds.

In the final play of the first quarter, Navy's Chris Swain (#37) eats up 2 yards to move the Mids to the Navy47. Current score is Navy 14, SMU 0.

Navy's Cannoneers take advantage of the change in quarter for a break in what will prove to be a very busy day.

Navy's Keenan Reynolds (#19) rushes 10 yards then runs out-of-bounds for a 1st down at the SMU34.

Navy's Keenan Reynolds (#19) rushes for 7 yards, but a 10-yard holding penalty by SMU gets Navy to the SMU17.

Navy's Chris Swain drags defenders with him as he gains 9 yards to move the Mids to the SMU8.

Navy's Keenan Reynolds (#19) stretches over the end line and gets his third touchdown of the game, making this his NCAA rushing touchdown #80. Clock 12:00.

A successful PAT by Navy's Austin Grebe (#43) adjusts the score to Navy 21, SMU 0.

The Mids continue their spirited support of their football team.... GO NAVY!

Navy's Sean Williams (#6) catches SMU #21 (Deion Sanders) after a 31 yard kickoff return to the SMU38.

SMU pass to #12 (Xavier Castile) is complete for 19 yards but Navy's Brandon Jones (#3) was able to keep him from breaking loose and getting further than the Navy31.

SMU #4 (Matt Davis) is able to break a few tackles and rushes for 10 yards before Navy's Patrick Forrestal (#68) and Lorentez Barbour (#2) bring him down at the Navy21.

SMU field goal attempt by #27 (Chad Hedlund) is blocked by Navy's Will Anthony (#90), who also recovers the ball. The Mids take over at the Navy28. Clock 07:48.

Navy's first follow-up play is a high-flying pass by QB Keenan Reynolds (#19) to Jamir Tillman (#4) for 72 yards and the 4th TD on the day. Clock 07:37.

Celebrating the perfect execution of the play.

Navy's Austin Grebe (#43) completes the drive with a successful PAT, making the score Navy 28, SMU 0.

SMU #42 (Prescott Line) rushes for 4 yards to get the 1st down, where he's stopped by Navy's Kevin McCoy (#40) at the SMU42.

SMU pass is incomplete to #13 (Ryheem Malone). Navy's Quincy Adams (#5) provides complete coverage from start to finish on this play.

SMU gambles on 4th and 2 at the SMU50, but the Mustangs #4 (Matt Davis) is able to grind out 5 yards to keep the play alive.

SMU pass is complete to #12 (Xavier Castile) but Navy's Josiah Powell (#48) wrenches him out-of-bounds at the Navy1.

SMU #4 (Matt Davis) is able to find daylight and get into the end zone for the first Mustang touchdown. Clock 00:54.

After SMU's successful PAT attempt by #27 (Chad Hedlund), the score now stands Navy 28, SMU 7.

In the final play of the first half, Navy's Keenan Reynolds (#19) tosses to DeBrandon Sanders (#21) who rushes for 8 yards to get the Mids to the Navy39 as time expires. Score at Halftime: Navy 28, SMU 7. Top Stories