Photo Story: Navy 55, SMU 14 2nd half

Navy defeated SMU 55-14 on Saturday in Annapolis. It was a special day for Navy as the team improved to 8-1 and remained undefeated in the American Athletic Conference. The game also saw quarterback Keenan Reynolds break the NCAA career record for rushing touchdowns scored. Look inside for exclusive photos by Alison Althouse of

SMU #27 (Chad Hedlund) kicks off to start the second half.

Navy's Demond Brown (#25) takes the handoff and rushes for 4 yards to get the 1st down before SMU #2 (Caleb Tuiasosopo) stops him at the Navy40.

Always fun to see how far the Mids push company spirit for games... 16th company?

The Swain Train, AKA Chris Swain (#37) continues his assault on the SMU defense, gaining 3 yards on this play.

Gotta love huge cardboard heads, bobbing in the brigade, of seniors(L-R) Quentin Ezell (#32), Don Pearson (#50), and Chris Swain (#37). Navy loves cheering for their Mids!

At 4th and 2, from the SMU39, Navy puts their confidence in Chris Swain (#37), who barrels through and gains 3 yards for the Navy 1st down at the SMU36.

Navy's Keenan Reynolds (#19) picks up 3 yards and another 1st down before he's wrapped up by SMU #30 (Robert Seals) at the SMU25.

Navy's Demond Brown (#25) concentrates on his target and rushes 19 yards over the end line for another Navy touchdown. Clock 07:50.

PAT attempt by Navy's Austin Grebe (#43) is blocked by SMU #90 (Zach Wood). Score is adjusted to Navy 34, SMU 7.

SMU #10 (Xavier Jones) rushes for 22 yards before he's stopped by Navy's Amos Mason (#52) at the SMU44.

SMU #4 (Matt Davis) is sacked for a loss of 5 yards by Navy's D.J. Palmore (#45) and Amos Mason (#52). Ball is spotted at the SMU39.

SMU 18-yard pass is complete to #16 (Courtland Sutton) where he's brought down by Navy's Mike Kelly (#49) at the Navy43.

PAT attempt by SMU #27 (Chad Hedlund) is good, bringing the score to Navy 34, SMU 14.

Navy's punt by Alex Barta (#80) nets 24 yards before going out-of-bounds at the SMU49.

SMU #4 (Matt Davis) is sacked for a loss of 13 yards by Navy's Amos Mason (#52) and Brandon Jones (#3) with an assist by Tyler Goble (#54). Ball is spotted at the SMU36.

SMU pass to #23 (Jeremiah Gaines) is incomplete at 4th and 6 and the Mids take over on downs at the Navy47.

In the final play of the third quarter, Navy's Quentin Ezell (#32) rushes for 2 yards to get the Mids to the SMU38. SMU #44 (Jackson Mitchell) is credited with the stop.

The Cannoneers end the third quarter with the traditional shot. Score sits at Navy 34, SMU 14.

Navy's Keenan Reynolds (#19) powers up the line to gain 6 yards. SMU #32 (R.C. Cox) is credited with the stop at the SMU32.

Navy's Keenan Reynolds (#19) touches off his afternoon by rushing past the SMU defense and completes his fourth rushing touchdown. Reynolds now has the all-time NCAA rushing touchdown record with 81 and counting. Clock 14:19.

Even as he makes history, Navy's Keenan Reynolds (#19) and the rest of his offensive line are poised and ready to continue the battle.

Navy's Austin Grebe (#43) finishes the series with a successful PAT to make the score Navy 41, SMU 14.

The Navy flags were running all afternoon...

Navy's Gavin Jernigan (#16) kicks off 62 yards to the SMU3.

SMU #21 (Deion Sanders) returns the kick 36 yards where he's stopped by Navy's Myer Krah (#9) at the SMU39.

Navy's Daiquan Thomasson (#26) intercepts an SMU pass at the Navy32 and runs the ball back 22 yards to the SMU46. Navy's Quentin Ezell (#32) goes to work and rushes for 4 yards before he's stopped by SMU #22 (Matt McNew) at the SMU42.

Now in at quarterback for Navy... #18... Tago Smith.

Navy's Joshua Walker (#24) rushes the final 8 yards to score another Navy touchdown. Clock 10:59.

Navy's Joshua Walker (#24) celebrating with teammates after his TD.

The Navy Goats-in-training are a bit overwhelmed by all the commotion on the sidelines.

During a major camera meltdown (my own), Navy's Tago Smith (#18) rushed 8 yards for the final Navy touchdown (Clock 03:24) and Austin Grebe (#43) kicked a successful PAT. The game ended with a final score of Navy 55, SMU 14. Navy Juniors Shawn White (#31) and Jamir Tillman (#4) begin celebrating the triumphant senior game day as the team gets ready to sing the Navy Blue and Gold.

Senior DE Will Anthony, #90, of Jacksonville, Florida and Senior OLB Myer Krah, #9, of Durham, North Carolina. Top Stories