Photos: Navy beats Pitt 44-28, part II

The Navy Midshipmen defeated the Pitt Panthers 44-28 on Monday to win the 2015 Military Bowl in Annapolis.'s Alison Althouse was there and captured these images, second half.

Navy gets hyped for the second half.

Halftime Stats are telling...

Pitt #12 (Chris Blewitt) kicks off 64 yards to start the second half.

On a great trick play, Navy FB Shawn White (#31) takes the handoff and then completes the pass *to* Keenan Reynolds (#19) who gets 47 yards before he's brought down by Pitt #3 (Nicholas Grigsby) at the UP29.

Navy's Calvin Cass Jr. (#20) rushes up the middle to gain 4 yards before he's stopped by Pitt #47 (Matt Galambos) at the UP26.

The official has a great view as Navy's Demond Brown (#25) completes his 26 yard run by flying into the end zone for the Touchdown. Clock12:28.

Navy's PAT attempt by Austin Grebe (#43) is good. The score is now Navy 28, Pitt 7.

Pitt kickoff return by #10 (Quadree Henderson) nets 25 yards but Navy's Elijah Merchant (#14) wraps him up at the UP25.

Pitt #37 (Qadree Ollison) cuts through the line for 9 yards only to be stopped by Navy's Micah Thomas (#44) and Lorentez Barbour (#2) at the UP34.

A perfect pitch to Pitt #37 (Qadree Ollison) doesn't fool Navy's Ted Colburn (#55), who stops the Panther RB at the UP33 for a 1-yard loss.

Punt by Pitt #18 (Ryan Winslow) sails 44 yards to the Navy23, but it's returned for 1 yard by Navy's Calvin Cass, Jr. (#20) to the Navy24.

During a timeout, Miss America 2016 (Betty Cantrell), surrounded by the four Navy pilots from the pre-game flyover, thanked everyone for their support when her mic malfunctioned during the National Anthem. A true professional, Cantrell continued to sing, along with the crowd's participation, and seemed unfazed when the problem was fixed a few seconds into the anthem.

Navy's Jamir Tillman (#4) rushes for 7 yards but is unable to save the drive.

Navy's Field Goal attempt by Austin Grebe (#43) is good from 35. The score is now Navy 31, Pitt 7. Clock 08:11.

Pitt #10 (Quadree Henderson) fields the kickoff in the end zone but can only gain 15 yards before Navy's David Gordeuk (#92) stops him short at the UP15.

Pitt pass is complete to #23 (Tyler Boyd) for 11 yards where he's taken down by Navy's Brendon Clements (#1) at the Navy25.

SECNAV Ray Mabus was on hand to cheer on his Navy Midshipmen.

The formerly-retired Navy Goats were in attendance as the younger goats weren't quite ready for such a big event at NMCMS.

Pitt pass to #23 (Tyler Boyd) is complete for 2 yards but Navy's Brendon Clements (#1) and Lorentez Barbour (#2) were on the job to keep him out of the end zone and stopped at the Navy4.

Pitt pass is complete to #37 (Qadree Ollison) for the 4 yard touchdown run. Clock 03:14.

Pitt PAT attempt by #12 (Chris Blewitt) is good. Score is now Navy 31, Pitt 14.

Fumble by Navy's Chris Swain (#37) at the Navy23 is recovered by Pitt #9 (Jordan Whitehead) who rushes the 22 yards for a Panther Touchdown. Clock 02:57.

Pitt PAT attempt by #12 (Chris Blewitt) is successful. Score now stands at Navy 31, Pitt 21.

Navy's Dishan Romine (#28) returns the Pitt kickoff 27 yards before being stopped by Pitt #58 (Quintin Wirginis) at the Navy32.

Navy's Chris Swain (#37) churns up 11 yards before being tripped up by Pitt #15 (Reggie Mitchell) at the Navy43.

As the third quarter ends, Navy's Quentin Ezell (#32) rushes for 2 yards to get to the UP44. Pitt #4 (Bam Bradley) is credited with the stop.

Navy's pass to Jamir Tillman (#4) on 3rd and 17 is successful for 15 yards and out-of-bounds at the UP39 but leaves the Mids with a 4th and 2 situation.

Navy's Keenan Reynolds (#19) follows his blockers and is able to gain 13 yards before he's taken down by Pitt #9 (Jordan Whitehead) at the UP26.

Navy's pass to Demond Brown (#25) is complete for 4 yards before he's eventually brought down by Pitt #47 (Matt Galambos) and #52 (Shakir Soto) at the UP17.

Navy's Toneo Gulley (#22) rushes the final 15 yards to get to the end zone for the Navy Touchdown. Clock 10:58.

Navy celebrates the score as they head back to the sidelines. Shown here in the air (L-R) are DeBrandon Sanders (#21) and Toneo Gulley (#22).

Navy's Austin Grebe (#43) completes the successful PAT to make the current score Navy 38, Pitt 21.

Pitt #22 (Darrin Hall) returns the kickoff 12 yards before he's stopped by Navy's Myer Krah (#9) with help from David Gordeuk (#92) at the UP27.

Pitt pass is complete to #23 (Tyler Boyd) who gains 5 yards before being forced out-of-bounds at the UP32 by Navy's Quincy Adams (#5).

Pitt #4 (Nate Peterman) rushes for 15 yards to get the Panthers to the Navy45.

After a 45 yard touchdown run by Pitt #37 (Qadree Ollison), the PAT by #12 (Chris Blewitt) is good. The score is now Navy 38, Pitt 28. Clock 09:35.

Navy's Chris "The Swain Train" Swain (#37) continues to grind out yard after yard against the Pitt defense.

Navy pitch is complete to Dishan Romine (#28) who carries for 43 yards before he's stopped by Pitt #47 (Matt Galambos) and #9 (Jordan Whitehead) at the UP24.

Navy's Keenan Reynolds (#19) rushes the 9 yards into the end zone, and the record books, with his 88th rushing touchdown. Clock 04:19.

Navy's PAT attempt by Austin Grebe (#43) is blocked by Pitt #14 (Avonte Maddox). The score is now Navy 44, Pitt 28.

Pitt #14 (Avonte Maddox) is tackled by Navy's QB/Holder Will Worth (#15) to save any subsequent score after the blocked PAT.

After two successful passes by Pitt #4 (Nate Peterman) to get the Panthers to the Navy39, Navy's Brendon Clements (#1) intercepts a Pitt pass at the Navy15 and the Mids take the field to finish out their final series.

Navy's Keenan Reynolds (#19) rushes down the center for 4 yards to the Navy23 where he's stopped by Pitt #47 (Matt Galambos).

Navy's Keenan Reynolds (#19) continues to push forward as time runs out on the final game of his illustrious college football career.

Senior FB Will Huntsman, #46, from Salt Lake City, Utah

Senior OLB Nick Martinez, #35, from Elm Mott, Texas

Senior Kicker Austin Grebe, #43, from Stafford, Virginia

Senior DE Sean Reaver, #99, from Thurmont, Maryland

Senior OLB Myer Krah, #9, from Durham, North Carolina

Senior OLB Kikau Pescaia, #53, from Honolulu, Hawai'i

Senior Quarterback Keenan Reynolds, #19, from Antioch, Tennessee. MVP of the 2015 Military Bowl

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