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Three things to know about Navy commit Judah Bell

Navy football recruiting is on a roll with already over 30 commits. The Mids staff added another commit on Sunday in 3-star wide receiver Judah Bell from Texas. Here are three things you should know about Bell.

He's a jump ball receiver

Judah Bell, who caught nearly 70 passes last season, likes to catch the high ball. With good hands, 6-foot-3 height, and solid leaping ability he is often able to win battles with defensive backs.   

"If the ball is downfield, up in the air, I feel likes it's mine and I'm going to go get it," said Bell. "Especially if it is a jump ball.  I like to go up in the air and attack the ball at its highest point."

He's an outstanding blocker

Judah believes it's his DUTY to provide good blocking for his teammates. This bodes well for Navy in two areas.  1) Navy runs the ball a lot and needs receivers that can block well.  2) This kid is a team player. That's a good fit not only for the Mid football team but also in five years when he's a Naval or Marine officer responsible for taking care of American warriors. 

"That's one thing [blocking] I take pride in. I owe it to my teammates.. if a running back blocks for the quarterback or a lineman, they are taking care of the quarterback, I should do the same thing when someone else is given the ball."  

Judah is a self-taught musician

He can play multiple instruments including the piano, guitar, drums, electric bass guitar, violin, and cello.  Throughout his childhood, he and his older brother competed with each other to see who could play various instruments the best.   

Overall, this is a fine pickup for Navy.  The Mids have a great football player and a fine person who will represent his school, service, and country with honor. Top Stories