Interview: Navy QB commit Ben Glass

Navy football recently received a commitment from one of the top prep quarterbacks in the state of Tennessee, St. George's Ben Glass. Glass was kind enough to join for an exclusive interview.

GM: Ben, what are some of the things you feel make you a great player?
BG: I make the defense honor my running and passing ability. I can make plays with my arm and legs. I can scramble and make plays when nothing is there.

GM: Where were you when you committed to Navy?
BG: In my truck. It's my happy place.

GM: What kind of truck do you drive and what color is it?
BG: Ford F-150 king ranch. It's dark brown.

GM: What about it makes it your "happy place"?
BG: I love the smell of my leather. The noise my engine makes. And it never fails to get me where I need to go even if that means going through some mud.

GM: Who is your primary recruiter for Navy?
BG: Ashley Ingram.

GM: How did the Navy staff react when you told them you were committing?
BG: Coach Ingram was very excited and told me he was gonna let the other coaches know and that they were really excited about me as well. Coach Niumatalolo messaged me and told me he was fired up about me.

GM: When did you visit Navy?
BG: June 22.

GM: What are some of the things you liked about the Navy campus?
BG: It was beautiful. I really liked how it was right on the water and all the fields were right on the water.

GM: What were some of your stats from last season?
BG: 27 passing touchdowns-school record 2,150 passing- school record 64.5% completion 881 yards rushing- 12 rushing TDs 6.4 yards per carry State title game MVP.. 6 touchdowns in state game tied the state record. 4 passing .. 2 rushing

GM: Did you get any postseason honors like All-District, All-Region, etc.?
BG: All-District, All-State, and best of preps. Murphy Fair preseason All-State offense for this year.

GM: Can you describe one play you made last season that really helped your team?
BG: First drive of offense in state championship game I dropped back for a pass and got pressure and alluded 4 defenders to get into the end zone from the 25. Set the tempo for the whole game and we never looked back.

GM: What other schools were you being recruited by?
BG: Furman, East Tennessee State, SEMO, UT-Martin, Austin Peay, Cornell. UT-Martin offered for baseball.

GM: What are your thoughts on someday serving in the Navy as an officer?
BG: That would be a privilege. I think it is something that takes a lot of leadership and playing quarterback and being a leader of my team I think it would be something I could do.

GM: How are you doing in the classroom?
BG: Doing well. I go to a small private school where the academics are very challenging and it is a college preparatory school. I have a 3.16 GPA and scored 26 on the ACT.

GM: Will you be a direct admit or will you go to the prep school?
BG: Prep school.

GM: You have some amazing accomplishments and are a great student. Why do you think more schools haven't offered you?
BG: I originally thought I was going to be playing baseball in college. That's what I spent my time doing all the way up until Navy offered me in May. Spent all my summers playing competitive baseball and didn't attend any camps until this summer. I never really got my name out there or thought I was playing college football; it was always baseball. But then when I got the opportunity from Navy it all changed. I love both sports but couldn't pass up the opportunity.

GM: Will you play baseball at Navy?
BG: Hasn't been talked about with any of the coaches but I know I have the ability to play baseball at Navy. As of right now, just football but that could change.

GM: What positions do you play in baseball?
BG: I play the middle infield. Top Stories