Navy commit Fells plays multiple sports

Navy football picked up an outstanding athlete in July when Little Rock, Arkansas' Myles Fells committed to the Mids. Fells kindly joined for an interview. Look inside to find out more about this future Midshipman. What positions do you play?
Myles Fells: Running back, wide receiver and linebacker.

GM: What position did Navy recruit you for?
MF: Slot receiver and running back.

GM: What is your height/weight and 40 speed?
MF: 5-9, 180, 4.62

GM: What are some of the things you feel make you a great player?
MF: I feel like on the field I'm very versatile and you could put me in a lot of different spots. My work ethic and what I can bring off the field as well.

GM: What were some of your stats from last season?
MF: I actually got injured at the beginning of the year before the season started. I kind of played behind Arkansas'running back T.J. Hammonds. I didn't get a lot but I did okay. I think I ended up with 56 tackles and an interception.

GM: Did you get any postseason honors like All-District, All-Region, etc.?
MF: I made All-Conference.

GM: Can you describe one play you made last season that really helped your team?
MF: I would have to say in the playoffs, the last drive we were losing by a touchdown and they still had the ball and they were on the 30-yard line. I was at middle linebacker. They ran a dive and the hole opened wide. I stuck him for a loss, two times in a row to give our team the ball back so they could go down the field and score.

GM: Where were you when you committed to Navy?
MF: I was actually at a hotel in Georgia. I committed the day after I visited the campus.

GM: Who is your primary recruiter for Navy?
MF: Coach O'Rourke and Coach Pehrson.

GM: How did the Navy staff react when you told them you were committing?
MF: Coach [Danny] O'Rourke said he was very excited. Coach [Dale] Pehrson and Coach Niumatalolo were excited to get started.

GM: When did you visit Navy?
MF: In July.

GM: What are some of the things you liked about the Navy campus?
MF: It was beautiful. I loved the location, the weather, everything about it, I just loved it. It's right on the water, you have a nice view every day. Before I went there I thought it was going to be like all the movies, just 'drop and give me 20' just walking to class. After plebe summer it's like a normal college.

GM: What other schools are you being recruited by?
MF: Army, Air Force, Arkansas State, Arkansas, Memphis, Louisiana Tech, ULM and Yale.

GM: Which ones offered you?
MF: Army and Air Force.

GM: What are your thoughts on someday serving in the Navy as an officer?
MF: It would be a huge honor. I would be not ordinary, I don't like doing the same thing over and over. I don't want to be like everyone else; I want to do something a little bit different. And that's what coach Niuatalolo said, he was like, 'if you come here we are not your average guys, we are looking for a little bit more,'and that was what I was looking for.

GM: How are you doing in the classroom? Must be doing well if Yale is after you.
MF: [laughs], I'm doing okay. I have a 25 on the ACT and a 3.5 GPA. I take all AP classes.

GM: Will you be a direct admit or will you go to the prep school?
MF: From what I've heard I'll be going direct.

GM: Do you play any other sports?
MF: I played soccer [laughs]; I actually led my team in scoring in soccer and was All-Conference. I did track and field, I ran the 100, 200, 400, and I did shot put, discus and pole vault. This year I might play basketball and baseball, I'm still not sure.

GM: Wow, that is amazing. You're just an all-around athlete.
MF: [laughs] Something like that.

GM: Myles, thanks so much for joining me on
MF: Thank you so much. Top Stories