Interview: Navy linebacker commit John Stamos

The Navy football staff reached all the way to California to find an outstanding linebacker in John Stamos, who has committed to the Mids. Stamos joined for an interview. Look inside to find out more about this exciting future Navy player. What positions do you play?
John Stamos: Linebacker and fullback.

GM: What position did Navy recruit you for?
JS: Inside linebacker.

GM: What is your height/weight and 40 speed?
JS: I'm 6'2 225. I run a 4.70 forty.

GM: What are some of the things you feel make you a great player?
JS: What I think makes me a great player is my hard work and discipline.

GM: Where were you when you committed to Navy?
JS: I was with my parents at my house when I committed.

GM: Who is your primary recruiter for Navy?
JS: Coach Steve Johns is my main recruiter.

GM: What were some of your stats from last season?
JS: I had 140 tackles, TFLs 10. 530 rushing yards with 7 touchdowns.

GM: Did you get any postseason honors like All-District, All-Region, etc.?
JS: I was the league MVP, First team All-CIF, first team All-County, and All-state nomination.

GM: Can you describe one play you made last season that really helped your team?
JS: One play I made last year to help my team was a pick 6 to pull ahead and shift momentum in the game.

GM: What other schools are you being recruited by?
JS: I'm also being recruited by Nevada, Northern Arizona, San Diego, Holy Cross, Fresno State, Army, and New Mexico.

GM: What are your thoughts on someday serving in the Navy as an officer?
JS: I am very honored and excited to serve and make my country better.

GM: How are you doing in the classroom?
JS: I have a 3.4 GPA and I'm going to the Prep School.

GM: Do you play any other sports?
JS: I run track and I played baseball through my sophomore year.

GM: Is there anything else you think Navy fans would want to know about you?
JS: One other thing that I would want navy fans to know is that I will do anything for my team to win.

GM: Thanks so much John. Sounds like you have a great future ahead of you.
JS: No problem and thank you! Top Stories