Photo Gallery: Navy routs Fordham part II

The Navy Midshipmen got off to a strong start for the 2016 season, blasting Fordham 52-16. Look inside for exclusive photos by Alison Althouse. Part II

Navy's pass is complete to Calvin Cass Jr (#20) who continues to move the ball for a total of 45 yards to the Fordham16 and another Navy first down.

Navy's Tago Smith (#2) rushes the final 11 yards to score another touchdown. Clock 04:29.

Navy's Bennett Moehring (#16) has another successful PAT to make the current score Navy 21, Fordham 3: 3 plays, 61 yards, 1:00.

The high winds on the field were no match for the enthusiasm of Navy's cheer squad, even when running them from sideline to sideline!

Rams' pass is complete to #26 (Robbi Cantelli) for 4 yards, but he's immediately wrapped up by Navy's Josiah Powel (#48) to stop the play at the Fordham29.

Fordham pass is complete to #1 (Isaiah Searight) for 19 yards and a first down, but Navy's Mike Kelly (#49) takes him down at the Fordham46.

Fordham pass is complete to #26 (Robbi Cantelli) for 9 yards to the Navy34. Navy's Daniel Gonzales (#58) and Cameron Bryant (#10) are credited with the stop.

Fordham pass is complete to #15 (Phazahm Odom), who successfully avoids a number of Navy tackles to score the only Rams touchdown of the day. Clock 01:58.

Fordham #17 (Makay Redd) completes the series with a successful PAT to make the score Navy 21, Fordham 10: 5 plays, 75 yards, 2:31.

Navy's Dishan Romine (#28) returns the Fordham kickoff 14 yards to the Navy16 before he's stopped by Rams #3 (Kendal Pearcey).

Navy's Chris High (#33) rushes 42 yards to the Fordham40 but is careful to protect the ball as he's brought down by Rams #8 (Dylan Mabin).

As the first quarter closes, Navy's Tago Smith employs some deception with Myles Swain (#32) when he keeps the ball and is able to rush for 5 yards to the Fordham35. At the end of the first quarter: Navy 21, Fordham 10.

Navy's Tago Smith (#2) hands off to Chris High (#33) who rushes up the middle for 3 yards to the Fordham36. Rams #91 (Justin Vaughn) is credited with the stop.

Navy's Tago Smith (#2) rushes for 22 yards to the Fordham14 where he's brought down by Rams #24 (Jihaad Pretlow). Injury timeout follows.

Navy's Will Worth (#15) comes into the game and makes an immediate impact by rushing 6 yards to get to the Fordham8.

Navy's Will Worth (#15) keeps the ball and rushes the final 8 yards to complete the series by scoring the touchdown. Clock 13:12.

Navy's PAT by Bennett Moehring (#16) is successful and adjusts the score to Navy 28, Fordham 10: 8 plays, 84 yards, 3:46.

Navy's Daniel Gonzales (#58) and D.J. Palmore (#45) combine to wrap up Fordham #22 (Chase Edmonds) after a 2 yard gain to the Fordham12.

Rams #22 (Chase Edmonds) rushes for 18 yards where he's stopped by Navy's Jarvis Polu (#90) at the Fordham41.

Rams #3 (Kendall Pearcey) rushes up the middle but only gains 7 yards before he's taken down by Navy's Ted Colburn (#55) and Nnamdi Uzoma (#97) at the Fordham48.

Looking at 4th and 8, Fordham's #19 (Joe Pavlik) punts 45 yards to the Navy12, where the Mids will start their next drive.

With a clean handoff from Navy's Will Worth (#15), Chris High (#33) charges up the field to gain 26 yards and another Navy first down at Navy38.

Navy's Will Worth (#15) keeps the football safe while he's being wrapped up by Fordham #31 (Caleb Ham) and #44 (Max Roberts) at the Navy42.

Navy's Alex Barta (#18) gets off a 44 yard punt to the Fordham11. The Rams' 9 yard return is negated by a 10-yard illegal block penalty, so they start their drive at the Fordham10.

Navy's Daniel Gonzales (#58) anticipates the toss to Fordham #22 (Chase Edmonds) and tackles him for a loss of 7 yards to the Fordham3.

Fordham #19 (Joe Pavik) does his best to get the Rams out of trouble with a 39 yard punt to the Fordham40.

Navy's Craig Scott (#82) fields the punt at the Fordham40 and returns 18 yards to get the Mids to a start at the Fordham22. Rams #78 (Anthony Coyle) is credited with getting Scott out-of-bounds.

Navy's Will Worth (#15) gains a yard before he's brought down by Fordham #31 (Caleb Ham) at the Fordham21.

Navy's Chris High (#33) completes the series with another touchdown. Clock 05:07.

After a successful PAT to change the score to Navy35, Fordham 10 (4 plays, 22 yards, 1:22), Bennett Moehring (#16) completes a 59 yard kickoff to the Fordham6, out-of-bounds. Rams will start their drive from the Fordham35.

Fordham #22 (Chase Edmonds) rushes 4 yards to the Navy41 where he's wrapped up by Navy's Jarvis Polu (#90).

Rams #14 (Kevin Anderson) rushes for only 2 yards when he's taken down at the Navy43 by Navy's Tyler Sayles (#91) and Micah Thomas (#44).

After a number of incomplete passes, Rams #14 (Kevin Anderson) rushes for no gain at 4th and 2 so the Mids take over on downs at the Navy21.

As the first half ends, Navy takes a knee for a loss of 3 yards. Score at the end of the second quarter: Navy 35, Fordham 10. Top Stories