Photo Gallery: Navy routs Fordham part III

The Navy Midshipmen got off to a strong start for the 2016 season, blasting Fordham 52-16. Look inside for exclusive photos by Alison Althouse. Part III

Fordham #84 (Spencer Ferrigan) kicks off the second half 65 yards for a touchback.

Navy's first pass of the second half is good to Jamir Tillman (#4) who nets 9 yards before being pushed out-of-bounds by Rams #8 (Dylan Mabin) at the Navy34.

Navy's Will Worth (#15) was money from the pocket, hitting Jamir Tillman (#4) again with this pass for 12 yards and another first down.

After two short runs and a sack, and facing 4th and 13, Navy's Alex Barta (#18) was called in to punt from the Navy43.

Fordham #5 (Austin Longi) completes an 18 yard run to the Fordham47 before he's caught by Navy's Daniel Gonzales (#58).

Fordham's #14 (Kevin Anderson) is sacked for a loss of 3 yards to the Navy36, where he's sacked by Navy's Jarvis Polu (#90).

Fordham's #14 (Kevin Anderson) runs for daylight and gets 11 yards before being halted by Navy's Micah Thomas (#44) at the Navy22.

Rams #22 (Chase Edmonds) dodges tackles to rush for 11 yards to the Navy11. Navy's D.J. Palmore (#45) and Sean Williams (#6) are credited with the final stop.

Fordham completes pass to #5 (Austin Longi), but Navy's Sean Williams (#6) has him wrapped up at the Navy6 before he can save the series.

Facing 4th and 5 at the Navy6, Rams #17 (Makay Redd) is brought in for the field goal. His attempt from the 23 is good, making the score Navy 35, Fordham 13. Clock 08:19; 11 plays, 65 yards, 4:05.

Navy's Dishan Romine (#28) fields the kickoff at the Navy4 and evades tackles to gain 26 yards before he's stopped by Fordham #46 (Jesse Bramble) at the Navy30.

Navy's Chris High (#33) crashes through the line and rushes 70 yards for a Navy touchdown. Clock 07:57.

Navy's Bennett Moehring (#16) continues to be perfect on the day with another successful PAT. Score is now Navy 42, Fordham 13: 1 play, 70 yards, 0:22.

Fordham first pass of the series is incomplete to #26 (Robbi Cantelli).

Fordham #14 (Kevin Anderson) is able to gain 7 yards before Navy's Daniel Gonzales (#58) and Brandon Jones (#3) stop him at the Fordham28.

Fordham pass is complete to #2 (Corey Caddle), where Navy's Jarid Ryan (#9) zeros in on taking him down at the Fordham50.

Fordham's pass is complete to #15 (Phazahn Odom) for 14 yards. Navy's Sean Williams (#6) get credit for the final tackle at the Navy41, but Navy's Micah Thomas (#44, pictured here) slows him down shortly after the pass.

Navy's Jackson Pittman (#99) works to slow down the run of Fordham #22 (Chase Edmonds) at the line. Fordham gains a short 3 yards before Navy's Micah Thomas (#44) stops him at the Navy35.

Navy's D.J. Palmore (#45) sacks Fordham's QB (Kevin Anderson, #14) at 4th and 4, for a loss of 4 yards. The Mids take over on downs at the Navy39.

Navy's Will Worth (#15) passes to Toneo Gulley (#22) who races 57 yards to the end zone and another Navy touchdown. Clock 02:53.

Navy's Bennett Moehring (#16) completes the series with yet another successful PAT. Score is now Navy 49, Fordham 13: 2 plays, 61 yards, 0:43.

Fordham pass is complete to #5 (Austin Longi) for 15 yards before Navy's Kyle Battle (#13) brings him down at the Fordham45.

Fordham #3 (Kendall Pearcey) gains 4 yards to get the Rams to the 50-yard-line but he's brought down by Navy's Winn Howard (#51) and Khaylan Williams (#7) before he can save the Fordham drive.

Fordham #19 (Joe Pavlik) punts for 45 yards where the ball is downed at the Navy5. 5 plays, 25 yards, 2:15.

In the final play of the third quarter, Navy's QB Malcolm Perry (#5) comes in and hands off to Shawn White (#31) for a gain of 2 yards to the Navy7. The score at the end of the third quarter: Navy 49, Fordham 13.

Navy's Malcolm Perry (#5) protects the football as he rushes for 5 yards through the line. Fordham #14 (Kevin Anderson) is on hand to bring him down at the Navy12.

Navy's Darryl Bonner (#29) eludes the Rams defense and rushes for 50 yards to get the Mids to the Fordham28.

Navy's Darryl Bonner (#29) gains 2 yards to the Fordham 5, but it's not enough to get the first down.

Navy's Bennett Moehring (#16) completes the drive with a successful field goal from the 23. Clock 09:18 - score is now Navy 52, Fordham 13: 10 plays, 90 yards, 6:20.

Fordham #3 (Kendall Pearcey) is chased for 41 yards to the Navy25 where he's stopped by Navy's Khaylan Williams (#7).

Fordham end zone pass is incomplete to #15 (Phazahn Odom) at 3rd and 10.

Fordham field goal attempt by #17 (Makay Redd) is successful to bring the score to Navy 52, Fordham 16: 8 plays, 61 yards, 1:26.

Navy's Tre Walker (#21) returns the Rams kickoff 29 yards to the Navy30 where he's stopped by Fordham #84 (Spencer Ferrigan).

Navy's toss to Josh Brown (#42) nets 8 yards and a first down before he's stopped by Rams #91 (Justin Vaughn) at the Fordham37.

Navy's Anthony Gargiulo (#38) pounds up the center in four consecutive plays for a total of 13 yards to get Navy to the Fordham34.

Navy's Jahmaal Daniel (#25) is stopped for a loss of 1 yard, late in the fourth quarter, by Fordham #42 (David Barletta) at the Fordham32.

As the game draws to a close, the Mids enthusiastically ask for a weekend!!

With a final score of Navy 52, Fordham 16, Navy gathers to sing the Navy Blue and Gold. Shown here are #31, Shawn White (Senior FB from Palm Coast, Florida) and #4, Jamir Tillman (Senior WR from Las Vegas, Nevada).

#22 - Co-Captain Toneo Gulley (SB from Akron, Ohio)

#28 - Dishan Romine (senior SB from Louisville, Kentucky)

#36 - Jalen Wade (senior FB from Spring Hill, Tennessee)

#72 - Adam West (senior OG from Spring, Texas). BEAT ARMY!

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