Navy Basketball: Plan B

Navy AD Chet Gladchuk will be put to the test in finding Don DeVoe's successor.

It would have been too easy.


Michigan State assistant (and USNA grad) Doug Wojcik says he isn't interested in replacing Don DeVoe as Navy head basketball coach. Wojcik, who played point guard on the great Navy teams of '86 and '87, was -- pardon the expression -- the slam-dunk choice. He is a former Navy assistant whose recruiting is considered by many to be a leading factor in Navy's Patriot League dominance of the '90s. He understands USNA (he and his wife are both grads) and would have been an excellent coach there.


Unfortunately for Navy basketball, Wojcik has become, well, too good. His resume includes tutelage from not only DeVoe, but Skip Prosser, Matt Doherty, and Tom Izzo. That kind of coaching pedigree will get attention from much higher profile schools than those in the Patriot League -- in fact, he's rumored to have interviewed at SMU this week. Adding to the problem is that Navy has gone from the class of the conference to one of the worst teams in not only the Patriot League, but all of Division I. The task of rebuilding the Navy basketball program will be protracted and difficult. While you'd hope Doug Wojcik would make a sentimental choice and return "home," you can hardly blame him for turning down Navy in the hopes of landing a bigger job.


Chet Gladchuk had it easy in choosing a football coach; just about everyone reading this probably thought of Paul Johnson to fill that vacancy. But this time the obvious choice has turned us down, and the AD now gets put to the test.


Or as we like to say, he gets one more opportunity to excel. Top Stories