View from the Booth

Now, the next challenge awaits - # 1 Maryland in College Park.

(Washington D.C.)- Ok, now its getting exciting.

Navy continues to repel those who think they aren't as good as the usual suspects that hang around the top-five.  In fact, except for a couple of unsettled goals mid-way through the fourth quarter, Navy's defense smothered Georgetown all day long, on its way to a 7-5 win over the Hoyas, a third win versus a top-ten team on the road.  ON THE ROAD FRIENDS.

While Navy had been making headlines with its offense, Saturday was a day for D.  Defensive midfielders, Bucky Morris, Brendan Looney, Clipper Lennon, and Dan Harris were outstanding.  When shots did get through, only one goal that could be considered a soft goal got by Matt Russell.  However, as I tell my ten year old, who plays goalie for Southern Athletic Association's Pee Wee's, why do you want to stand in front of a guy firing a hard rubber ball at you at warp speed?

"My defense was awesome today.  Our coaches prepare us so well that all the shots were coming from areas they said they would be.  I'm just a part of a unit and I have to do my job when I need to, just like they did today they were great,'' Russell said.

Navy will continue its run of weekly awards in the Patriot League (maybe not on offense) but Tommy Wallin has to be the runaway winner for freshmen of the week.  He helped stem the tide of some early wins by Andy Corno of Georgetown by stepping into the X and winning 9-of-10.  Thank you Mr. Wallin, Mr. Looney (Steve), and Mr. Morris.

Speaking of the Looney's, what a day for the DeMatha trio.  Billy scored, Steve helps dominate the faceoffs and Brendan plays a great pole.  Doesn't get much better for them.

Now that next challenge awaits.  Navy is 3-0 on this four-game away-from-home stand.  Looming like King Kong over Japan on a rainy night is the shadow of the great hard shell.  It's a trip to the city which burns after a win over UMBC in hoops. 

(Ok, maybe not over UMBC, but it does burn when it's hoops team wins.  Was there a fire when Maryland's women upset Miami in the first round of the NCAA Tournament?  Can somebody look that up?)

Top-ranked Maryland, winners of seemingly every game with Navy since my birth - ok, Navy has won twice since 1986, the last being in 1992.  Navy seems to be in position to at least break one if not both strings against their arch nemesis'.  With all apologies to Army, which Navy has dominated of late, the Mids would be stir crazy with excitement if they could finally crack the turtles or beat the blue and black.

So far, they exorcized the demons by winning in Washington against Georgetown for the first time since 1992.  Can they beat the all-transfer team?  Perhaps, if someone could hide Tim McGinnis' Geritol before the game.  With tongue firmly planted in cheek, one can only hope that the game will not end 6-5, or like last year 9-7, which the last several games between these two teams have.  Navy will have to play the perfect game to beat the Terps who are on quite a roll.

Dave Cottle used to be the subject of many posts on the wall of when at Loyola - some good, some bad.  Well, one must be able to see that his former program is struggling to have the same success they had when he was there and his new one is currently unbeaten!  The guy can flat out coach.  When it comes to playoffs, it helps to have great players and bounces that go the right way.  While that may have eluded him, Cottle, whose number 37 still sits in a trophy case at Salisbury for his great play, can still philosophize with the best of them in lacrosse.

There is a lot of lacrosse still left to play.  Regardless of the outcome of this week's game, both of these teams appear to be stalwarts come May.  Lets just hope for one week they can play to the best of their abilities and give us some great entertainment. Top Stories