Navy Shows Interest in Ohio Lineman

Jovan Davis is a player in Ohio that's not getting a lot of talk, but has several programs taking notice.

Jovon Davis Profile

Jovon Davis is learning as he goes how to play offensive line. In previous seasons Jovon played defensive line. As a DT Jovon just reared back and plowed through. But it's his size a future potential on the offensive side of the ball that will help him get recruited.

At 6'4 306 lbs. Jovon is already having college coaches talk about him playing guard of center at the next level. Jovon has the size for the next level, ad in his long arms, good feet and lateral movement and you can understand why college coaches are keeping tabs on the Big Guy.

The area of Jovon's game that needs work is general offensive line play. Getting used to using his hands and how to use his feet will make him that much better. Because of his long arms Jovon will have great separation and lock out abilities as an offensive linemen

Coach Doc Gamble a former college coach at East Carolina said one college recruiter told him they see Jovon playing guard or center in the Big Ten.

If Jovon does the work there is no reason that can't happen. The following schools have shown interest in Jovon:

Ohio State, West Virginia, Boston College, Cincinnati, Navy, Wake Forest, Ball State, Nebraska and Maryland. Top Stories