Having trouble bringing up our message boards?

Some of you that have cable modems may be having trouble bringing up TheInsider's forums. You may be getting "this page cannot be displayed" or similar errors. If you have high speed access, there is an easy fix for this. Read on.

Please use the below measures at your own risk. If you are unsure what you are doing, ask a computer literate friend for help.

If you are having problems bringing up the TheInsiders boards and you have high speed access, your DNS servers may not be being updated.

You should contact your ISP and ask how to reset the high speed modem (such as a cable modem) and delete your temporary internet files. To delete the temporary internet files, for MSIE, you go to "tools", select "internet options", and then it'll give you the option to delete the temporary internet files.

The above trouble shooting measures have worked well for several members who have cable modems and kept getting "this page cannot be displayed" messages when attempting to access TheInsiders forums.

If you have dial up access, the above steps will probably not work.

For more help, please visit the below link.


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