GoMidshipmen talks with Anderson, S.C. Star QB

Brent Copeland, an outstanding prospect from T.L. Hanna high school in Anderson, S.C. has already been offered a scholarship by someone who knows a thing or two about quarterbacks: Mike Price of UTEP. Copeland is also being heavily recruited by a host of other schools, including Army and Navy.

TheInsiders.com: You had an outstanding season at T. L. Hanna in Anderson, S.C. passing for over 2,200 yards and 20 touchdowns. Talk to us about your your strengths as a quarterback and some of the things you'd like to improve on.
Brent Copeland: My strengths are having a strong arm and being able to read defenses pretty well. I also have alot of experience at football. I can always improve my quickness and strength other than my arm.

TheInsiders.com: What schools are currently actively recruiting you?
Brent Copeland: I have alot of schools recruiting me they are, Clemson, South Carolina, Vanderbilt, Akron, UTEP, Maryland, Wake Forest, Army, Navy, Alabama, Nebraska, The Citadel, Wofford, and Ivy League Schools.

TheInsiders.com: What school is recruiting you the hardest?
Brent Copeland: The schools that are recruiting me the hardest are, UTEP, Akron, Clemson, South Carolina, Vanderbilt, Maryland, Wofford and The Citadel.

TheInsiders.com: Who has offered you?
Brent Copeland: I have an offer from UTEP, and supposed to get one from Akron soon they said.

TheInsiders.com: What are some of the things you like about Army?
Brent Copeland: I like the Army because it is a great place to play football and the tradition. I really don't know much about the school itself.

TheInsiders.com: What are some of the things you like about Navy?
Brent Copeland: I like the Navy because when you grow up you always hear about the Army-Navy game and it would be neat to play in it. I really don't know about the school itself.

TheInsiders.com: What are some of the things you like about Vanderbilt?
Brent Copeland: I like Vanderbilt because it is a great school first off, the location great because it is near to home, the chance to play in the SEC is awesome. I would love to get an offer from them, hopefully I will in a couple of months. I like everything I have heard about the school and athletic program and the coaches I talk to are super nice.

TheInsiders.com: What do you like about Texas- El Paso?
Brent Copeland: I like UTEP because they are the first school to step up and offer me, I like everything about the school and program. The new coach, Coach Price is a super nice person I enjoy talking to him on the phone, and he has alot of great quarterbacks that he has coached that went on to the next level. It sounds like he is really trying to turn the program around in El-Paso and I like what I see. It would be great to play for a coach that is a nice person and really cares about his players like he does.

TheInsiders.com: Who are you leaning towards right now?
Brent Copeland: I do not have a favorite right now although I always remember who offered me first and who has offered me. I am going to take my visits and decide after all of them are done. I would love to play most of the colleges interested in me. It is wide open right now who I am going to. I just hope to get more offers.

TheInsiders.com: Your high school was featured in the movie Radio. Tell us a little about James Kennedy and some of the positive effects he has had on the T L Hanna football team.
Brent Copeland: Radio is a great person and a awesome person to hang around. He always is having fun and never is sad. He means so much to the team and we are pretty much his life. He is the type of person you never get tired of talking to or seeing around. I have grown up around Radio and we are good friends. He tells me he is coaching the quarterbacks this year, because he knows that I am the quarterback.

TheInsiders.com: Brent, thanks for your time. We wish you the best of luck in your senior season and in your choice of colleges.
Brent Copeland: I greatly appreciate you taking the time to ask me the questions and any time I can answer questions you have I will be more that happy to answer them. Thanks.

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