Paul Johnson Comments After 21 Aug Practice

Navy head coach Paul Johnson answered questions after Navy's scrimmage on August 21.

Q. Why don't you just kind of tell us what you thought about today?

A. I don't think we're very good.

Q. Why do you say that?

A. Well, did you watch the scrimmage?

Q. Yes.

A. That's why I said it.

Q. Too many mistakes and not executing?

A. It's pretty hard to play when the offensive line is just turning people loose. They're not even getting in the way of the defense. I hope we're good on defense.

Q. But it's hard to tell isn't it?

A. No, I have a pretty good idea.

Q. The offensive line situation gets murkier and murkier. Hughes (Casey) went down today and is wearing a boot right now so that puts Sam Brown at tackle. Can you just kind of talk about the offensive line and the mixing and matching that's going on there.

A. They're struggling.

Q. Are you starting to get concerned as we move closer to the opener?

A. I've been concerned. Starting? I don't think I ever stopped being concerned.

Q. What's the answer?

A. I don't know. I guess we will pick some linemen up off waivers. We just have to keep practicing.

Q. As of now, how many offensive linemen do you really trust to execute their assignments and do what their supposed to do?

A. One.

Q. One? Do you care to name that one?

A. August Roitsch.

Q. So nobody else has set the world on fire?

A. Not that I've seen.

Q. Do you expect to have Stahl (Tyson) back soon?

A. Who knows, he gets hurt every day.

Q. How did you think Aaron (Polanco) played today?

A. It's hard to tell. I don't know, it's hard to tell.

Q. If Stahl remains out for the time being and Hughes is out who are the tackles on this team?

A. You watched them play today.

Q. Green (Marshall), Sam Brown, Pritchett (Matthew).

A. Yeah. That's all we got.

Q. There's not too much more mixing and matching that you can do is there? You've pretty much switched up everybody as much as you can, right?

A. That's it, that's what's there.

Q. Where's James Rossi. I've heard good thing about him, but I didn't see him with the second unit today.

A. I don't know. He's played guard and center.

Q. Do you expect Eckel back soon?

A. He will be back next week.

Q. He could have played today if he really had too, right?

A. It's a good thing he didn't. We probably would have lost him for the year if he had played today.

Q. The freshman Campbell (Reggie) looked pretty good.

A. He's got a chance.

Q. What do you like about him?

A. I think he's elusive, he can make some plays and he has a little football sense. Q. Did you feel that Lamar played well today? He continues to make some good moves. A. Lamar does the same thing against our guys. He makes our guys miss a lot. Q. You don't think he would do that against Duke? A. I don't know, we may see. I hope he does. Q. Will you be scrimmaging next Saturday? A. Nope, next Friday. It will be against the scout team.

Q. Is that the one where you work on special situations?

A. It will be a game scrimmage.

Q. So being that this was your last big scrimmage you can't be happy?

A. This was our last scrimmage, I don't know how big it was. We've been working some on scouts and against each other during the week.

Q. Do you need to get a lot better between now and Sept. 4?

A. I think so. You watched the thing what do you think?

Q. I don't want to be an analyst, that's your job.

A. My job's to coach. If I were an analyst I would be on TV. Top Stories