Navy - Delaware Photo Gallery IV

More photos of Delaware vs Navy by Ed Kujat.

All the Delaware defender can do is watch from the ground.

Blumenfeld makes the PAT.

Divas leads the way for Polanco.

Frank Divas takes Polanco's pitch outside the tackles.

Kyle Eckel directs the blocking as his quarterback rolls right.

Eckel emerges with a five yard gain.

Kyle Eckel goes down after a getting a first down.

Kyle Eckel on his way to another Navy first down.

Kyle Eckel takes the Polanco hand-off.

Eric Roberts takes the pitch wide.

Geoff Blumenfeld kicks-off.

Guess who is in the middle of this pile?

Kyle Eckel takes the ball down field for a big gain.

Lamar Owens leads the Navy offense.

Trey Hines goes in motion.

Well deserved recognition for the Navy NCAA runner-up LAX team.

The Dynamic Duo, Polanco with Eckel in tow. Top Stories