Big lineman will choose between Army and Navy talked with Joe Muldoon, a 6-6, 270 center with great strength from the state of Maryland. Joe had lots of good comments about both Army and Navy.

Navy and will choose between the two. "I'm really looking into the service academies right now. I think that would be a great opportunity for me as a person and as a football player. I love the history of the programs and the history of the schools, how you can serve your country," said Muldoon.

The big center went on to say, "With Army, it has to be the fact that Bobby Ross is up there. I visited there last weekend and you could just tell by talking to the coaches and players that that school is ready to win. Navy, it's right down the street from my house, so that's a good option. Navy's already been to two bowl games in two straight years, they've reached the top of their game and are starting to play big teams and are actually having respect."

Muldoon is scheduled to visit Navy in January.

Muldoon is being recruited for Army by offensive coordinator Kevin Ross and for Navy by linebackers coach Kevin Kelley.

Muldoon is a very strong player, benching 345 and squating 415. He's got good speed for a big man, running a 5.0-5.1 in the forty yard dash.

Joe was selected First Team All-WCAC, First Team All-County and the Super 44 team for his area in Maryland. In addition to Army and Navy, Muldoon is also being pursued by Akron, William & Mary, Elon and Delaware. Top Stories