Faces in the crowd: Navy fans

Navy defeated favored New Mexico, 34-19 on Thursday to improve its record to 10-2. Navy's Paul Johnson commented after the game about the tremendous support his team has received all season from its fans, alumni, administration and the Brigade. GoMids.com captured several Navy fans and Midshipmen in action at SBC Park.

In the stands.

End zone fans.

Hard core fanatics.

Navy fans of the game.

New Mexico faithful.

Proud Mids.

The Brigade shines again. . .

. . . and again!

Navy cheerleader watches the action.

Mids swarm SBC Park.

Navy fans dominated the stadium.

Happy Mids fans.

Navy player parent watches warm-ups.

Mids look sharp.

The cannon crew got a workout.

Navy fans came prepared for the weather.

Defensive MVP Vaughn Kelley with two friends.

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