Senior Frank Divis talks with

After the Emerald Bowl, talked to Frank Divis about his future plans and his thoughts on the 2005 Navy football squad.

On his plans after football season:

"After the season is over I'll find something to do. I have a lot of stuff with school. They keep us pretty busy over there. It's been a wonderful four years for me, I possibly will go to war with them (his teammates). It's been a very emotional, very special four years that I'm not going to forget, ever."

On his field in the Navy:

"I selected surface warfare officer and I'll hopefully be based out of San Diego."

On the 2005 team:

"I have faith in the guys next year. They are a tough group of guys and they've really been a part of this as much as we have. Yeah, we have a lot of seniors but the charactor of this team is that the guys are going to step up and take on whatever comes at them so I have a lot of faith in next year's team." Top Stories