Photo Gallery: Saturday Scrimmage photographer Ed Kujat captured these photos of Navy scrimmage on Saturday. Navy is getting ready for the 2006 football season.

Quarterback Derrick Bruce looks over the defense before making his move.

Jesse Scheff (58) provides protection as linebacker Irvin Spencer (31) blitzes.

Noseguard David Wright (97) heads across the field as he follows the play.

Ben Gabbard (52) spans wide as he defends his quarterback.

Jesse Scheff (58) and Ben Gabbard (52) provide protection as quarterback Brian Hampton (3) drops back to hand off.

Larry Cylc (98) gets blocked as an unidentified runner approaches. Fullback Adam Ballard (22) crosses to block.

Scrimmage action.

Mids get ready for another play during the grueling scrimmage.

Keenan Little (4) gets ready for a collision.

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