Photo Gallery II: Saturday Scrimmage

The Navy Mids continued their preparations for the 2006 football season on Saturday. Navy's Ed Kujat captured these images of the action.

Offense huddles as the defense gets ready to rumble.

This photo was taken just seconds before the offense snapped the ball.

Quarterback Brian Hampton (3) goes back to pass as splitback Byron McCoy (35) crosses to make a block. Matt Garcia-Bragiel (16) gets ready to make a play while Tyler Tidwell (45) rushes the quarterback.

Quarterback Brian Hampton (3) watches the ball sail through the air as Tyler Tidwell closes in. Chris Mozer (51) gets low with his block.

Fullback Adam Ballard (22) gets ready to take the hand off as Tye Adams (43) closes in. Safety Jeremy McGown (8) watches in the foreground.

Fullback Adam Ballard (22) rumbles up the middle as the defense closes in.

Speedy Lamar Owens (2) heads around the end as receiver Lloyd Regas (88) heads down field. Split back Reggie Campbell (7) gets ready to block.

Lamar Owens (2) heads downfield as the defense converges on him.

More scrimmage action as Navy works on the passing attack.

Troy Goss (1) gets ready to pass. Top Stories