View From The Booth

Pete Medhurst offers his views on Navy and the rest of the college football landscape for the weekend of October 8th.

For many years, talking to Air Force coach Fisher DeBerry during this week often centered around his team and defending the Commander-in-Chief's Trophy, which seemingly always resided in Colorado Springs.

The past two seasons have seen the large prestigious piece of hardware stay in Annapolis.  Annapolis? Yes, Annapolis, which until two years ago hadn't seen the CIC since 1981.

A source of pride between two academy rivals, and with all due respects to Army these two schools have been the better of two academies of late, Air Force wants the trophy back.

"The last two years have been decided by three points and last year it was decided on the last play of the game,'' DeBerry said. "The same problem that hurt us last week hurt us last year, we swapped touchdowns for field goals and you can't do that and win.''

The Falcons haven't stopped many people and have not been stopped in many cases except by themselves.  Key drives were thwarted on Thursday night in the loss to Colorado State by critical drops; something Air Force hadn't done all year.

Navy defensive coordinator Buddy Green knows that his young and inexperienced defensive unit will have its hands full on Saturday.

"We were watching last year's tape and only three guys that are out there on Saturday were out there last year. It's assignment football and each guy has to take care of his responsibility each and every play. They have put up some big numbers against good team and this is as good a passing team as Air Force has had that we have played against,'' Green said.

Teams destined to turn the ball over and make mistakes often repeat them. Both teams have done that in key spots this season. Stop me if you have heard this cliché, but it's true -- the team that doesn't make the critical mistake in bad field position will win this game. Period.

Air Force had played some tough squads, moved the ball, but still always kicked field goals. Navy scores touchdowns because they rarely attempt field goals!  Lamar Owens played the whole game this past week in a warm environment. This week, the forecast calls for 66 degrees and cool weather. Unless Air Force can knock him out, the Mids should have the edge at home in front of its loud crowd at NMCMS.

This weeks Fact and Opinion:

Fact: Oklahoma has won five in row vs. Texas.
Opinion: Texas has to win or Mack Brown will be fired. Six losses in a row?  Brown is one of the nicest people in the game, but nice people do lose.  Six times in a row would be hard for Texas fans and administration to take. I pick UT, big.

Fact: California and everybody's favorite future head coach in the NFL Jeff Tedford are ranked #10 in the country.
Opinion: Tedford will coach the Minnesota Vikings or St. Louis Rams next season but he will lose this week to my man Karl Dorrell and UCLA!

Fact: Temple stinks. Gave up 70 last week to Bowling Green, with Maryland, Clemson, Navy and UVA still on the schedule.
Opinion: Maryland will be the fourth team that puts 60-plus on the Owls.  Temple, which has been an Atlantic 10 power in basketball, would not win the division I-AA A-10 in football.  Villanova outdraws them.  Heck, D-II West Chester may outdraw them soon. While Temple had announced crowds of just over 8,000 and 9,000 in two home games, the Golden Rams drew 5,000 plus in each of its three home games.

Fact: Big game this week featuring #5 Georgia and #8 Tennessee this week.
Opinion: Neither team will be in the top-10 at season's end -- and I actually like both coaches.

Fact: Louisville hosts North Carolina this week as they fight to stay in the top-25.
Opinion: Carolina will upset the overblown Cardinals. Top Stories